A Program Agreement is a detailed, binding agreement between OSU and designated international institutions/organizations. It includes a list of specific activities, how they will be managed, and  how resources will be shared or exchanged, etc.  A Program Agreement should outline a constructive new venture that reflects an institutional priority of the University and the collaborating institution(s). Both institutions will need to agree upon specific collaborative activities that call upon the expertise or resources of either or both institutions. Program Agreements tend to be unique and therefore, no "one size fits all" template is available.

Any arrangement that requires financial or other OSU resources is by nature a binding program agreement rather than a general Letter of Collaboration.  For Program Agreements, all financial obligations should be described, including tuition support benefits, teaching or research assistantships, travel expenses, housing, medical insurance coverage, and/or maintenance allowances.

For assistance with initiating or renewing a Program Agreement, please contact Debbie Parkins at Deborah.Parkins@oregonstate.edu or (541) 737-1503.