Expanded Research Incentives Programs

International Programs has partnered with the Research Office to provide funding for the Small Grants program and the Large Program Development grants to help incentivize internationalization of research. These programs will fund more than 25 researchers per year representing numerous colleges and conducting a variety of small, medium and larger projects.

Small Grants

The Small Grants program supports individual faculty research across OSU, and supports both the development of extramural grant proposal development and scholarly activities that advance SP3.0. Proposals with an international component involving students and that strengthen existing international partnerships are particularly welcome.  The Small Grants program has two categories:

  1. Category 1. Individual grants will range from $15,000 - $25,000 with a total program budget of about $80,000/year.  These grants will support faculty research that leads to extramural funding, and proposals that generate full F&A recovery will be preferred.
  2. Category 2. Individual grants will range from $3,000 - $7,000 with a total program budget of about $90,000/year.  Some of these grants will support faculty scholarly activities without respect to grants, and some will support proposal development.  Resulting proposals do not have to have full F&A recovery, although this is preferred.  The Cascades campus will run its SG Cat 2 program separately with funds provided by the Research Office, and so Cascades faculty are not eligible to apply to the main campus Cat 2 program.

Learn more about Small Grants on the Research Office website

Large Program Development Grants

The Large Program Development (LPD) grants program will stimulate major, transdisciplinary, extramurally-funded research programs by supporting multidisciplinary teams to work together to form new research cores at OSU that advance SP3.0. The LPD program will have a budget of about $160k/y for all LPDs, with expectation of launching two per year.  LPD groups must contain collaborators from at least two colleges.   LPDs may run for two years with a budget of $35k/y with extra funds available for international components involving students or that strengthen existing international partnerships.  Units may add match funding, but a match is not required. 

Learn more about Large Program Development Grants on the Research Office website

Research Equipment Reserve Fund

Research Equipment Reserve Funds (RERF) may be used to acquire, repair, renovate, or improve equipment directly used for research.

Learn more about Equipment Reserve Funds on the Research Office website

International Research Series

Beginning in Spring 2017, the Division of International Programs and the Research Office will host a series of discussions about international research. These presentations will draw from the OSU Strategic Plan and commitment to creating and enhancing a healthy planet, healthy people and a healthy economy. Learn more here.