Short-Term Work Abroad

Short-term work abroad (less than one year; typically a summer) usually involves working in an unskilled job, where you can earn enough to cover your food, lodging and day-to-day living expenses. This type of job probably will not pay enough to cover air transportation, but it may help provide some extra money for travel after you leave your job. Short-term work experiences include positions such as "au pairs" (a person who does domestic work for a family possibly taking care of children in exchange for room and board and a chance to learn the family's language), farm workers, typists, waitpersons, and youth camp leaders. If you are a full-time student or a recent graduate, the work abroad programs through the British Universities North American Club (BUNAC) or the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) are some of the easiest ways for you to secure legal employment overseas.

BUNAC - Well respected program sends students and recent graduates on short-term work abroad programs.

CIEE - Another fee based program which sends students and recent graduates on short-term work abroad programs.

Teaching English

There are many opportunities to teach English abroad through established programs. Most programs prefer a commitment of one academic year, though some offer summer or semester possibilities. In general, a bachelor's degree is required, although in most cases you do not need to be an English major. Organizations are more interested in your ability to speak native and fluent English. Volunteer and paid teaching opportunities can be found throughout the world.

CIEE - Fee based program which sends students and recent graduates on teach abroad programs.

Dave's ESL Cafe - Easy-to-navigate website for current and potential English teachers abroad.

Teach Abroad - Extensive website features job listings in several countries.

TEFL - Jobs and resources for TEFL professionals.

Websites for International Job Searches

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