Welcome Home! We hope you had a successful and meaningful sojourn abroad!

Now that you've gotten your feet wet and increased your knowledge of the rest of the world, you may wish to hone your skills, expand and/or change your career plans, or plan for graduate school in the field related to international education or other international arenas.

We've collected information on everything from surviving the perils of re-entry "shock" to working abroad and preparing your résumé for the future to help you categorize your re-entry needs.

We hope this guide gives you good ideas on how to have a successful transition back to a life in the U.S. and on the OSU campus, and how to continue your international journey and learning through activities here in the U.S. or through further education or sojourns abroad.

Web Resources
Here are some useful web resources specifically for education abroad returnees. While OSU or OSU GO are not affiliated with or endorsing these website/organizations, we believe the contents offered by these sites are applicable and suitable for our returned students.