Degree-seeking OSU Ecampus students (strictly Ecampus students or part-time Ecampus students) are eligible for all of international programs offered by OSU GO. All students interested in education abroad are required to view the First Steps presentation to learn more about program options, how to choose the right program(s) for you, understand how credits/registration/financial aid work when you go abroad.

First Step Presentation (click here to begin)

Guide for Ecampus Students:

  1. Discuss with your major Academic Advisor about your interest in education abroad.
  2. Determine how education abroad credits will fit in your OSU major curriculum
  3. Read the "Student" section to learn the basics and begin your journey to an education abroad.
  4. Contact an OSU GO Ambassador to discuss your education abroad options, either in person or via email/phone (541.737.3662).
  5. OSU GO Ambassador will connect you with appropriate Education Abroad Advisor who will suppor you through the application process.

Online presentations by past particpants:

Alex Gulick - Studied abroad with CIEE in Bonaire
Alison Blazer
- Studied abroad with OSU World Languages & Cultures (WLC) in Chillan, Chile
Charlene Marek
- Studied abroad with IE3 Global in Freiburg, Germany
Erik Dove
- Studied abroad with API in Salamanca, Spain
Jordan Machtelinckx
- Studied abroad with CIEE in Cape Town, South Africa
Malorie Reimer
- Studied abroad with Semester at Sea in Europe and North Africa
Marissa Uriarte
- Interned with IE3 Global at the Center for Social Medicine in Loni, India
Monica Larson
- Studied abroad with GEO in Angers, and with CIEE in Paris, France
Pat Cousineau
- Studied abroad with IE3 Global at Deakin University, Australia