Exchange Programs at OSU

We are delighted that you are considering studying at Oregon State University as an exchange student! Please be aware that only students who are currently enrolled at one of OSU's Partner Institutions are eligible to apply to OSU on the exchange program. Any applications sent to us without the endorsement of one of our partner institutions will not be considered. 

How to Apply

Before you submit your application for admission to OSU, you must be formally nominated by the exchange coordinator at your home university. Once you are nominated and ready to apply for admission to OSU as an international exchange student, you will need to complete the Exchange Application Form.

Submit the completed application form, as well as required supporting documents, to your home university exchange program coordinator. To avoid delays, make sure that all pages of the application are complete, and that you have submitted all the required supporting documents. In addition to the application form, you must submit:

  • Course Preference form
  • Official transcripts and any degrees/certificates with English translations
  • Copy of TOEFL test score report dated within 2 years of your program start date
  • Proof of financial support (including affidavit letters if applicable) with English translations
  • Passport identification page (make sure it will not expire within 6 months after your program ends)
  • Any portfolio requirements if required by a specific academic department

Information related to these items can be found below.

Eligibility Requirements & Other Information

Our academic year consists of three terms:

  • Fall: September – December
  • Winter: January – March
  • Spring: April – June

You must be able to prove your English proficiency by submitting adequate scores from one of the English language evaluation exams below. Scores cannot be more than 2 years old at the time of your program start date. Note: Some graduate departments may have higher English proficiency requirements and extra application materials. Students are expected to research the possibility of additional requirements.


  • iBT: A total score of 80 (16 on each section for undergraduate; 18 on each section for graduate)
  • PBT: A total score of 550

IELTS: A total score of 6.5

You must be able to supply official transcripts, degrees, and/or certificates from all colleges/universities you have attended (in English) that meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum GPA of 2.5 for undergraduates and 2.75 for graduates
  • For graduate students only: An equivalent of a U.S. Bachelor’s degree. The 3-year Bologna degree is also acceptable.

You must be able to supply adequate financial documentation that shows sufficient funds to pay for the length of your program (1 term, 2 terms, 3 terms). You must include either an Award Letter (original or certified copies), a Loan Letter, a Bank Statement, or a Bank Letter signed by a bank official indicating sufficient funds and verification that the amount required above is available for your use. All proof of funding needs to be in English or accompanied by an English translation and be dated within 9 months of the program start date (not the application due date). We cannot accept/use investment account statements for this purpose.

*NOTE: As a non-degree graduate applicant, official confirmation of undergraduate degree completion is required prior to registration at Oregon State University. Also, some graduate departments may have higher English proficiency requirements and extra application materials. Students are expected to research the possibility of additional requirements.

Estimated Cost: 2019-2020

Under the terms of the exchange agreement, students receive tuition waivers for 12 credits of undergraduate level courses or 9 credits of graduate level courses. Summer term and E-campus classes are not included in the tuition waiver. The remaining expenses are estimated to be: 


 Undergraduate & Graduate

9 months

Fees (Non-Instructional)


Health Insurance (see below)


Books and Supplies


Personal and Misc.


Room and Board *


Transportation $737



Estimated cost for:

  • 1 term = $6,422
  • 2 terms = $12,843
  • 3 terms = $19,265

*Room and Board rates are based on Residence Hall rates. Cost can vary significantly if a student chooses to live off-campus.

All costs are approximate and subject to change. No international travel costs are included. Your Declaration of Finances should demonstrate that this amount of money is available for your expenses during the entire duration of your exchange program. Be sure that your bank statements or other documents indicate an amount equal to or greater than this total. All costs are approximate and subject to change. The exchange program does not cover summer term tuition. No international travel costs are included. 

Course Listings

At OSU, university classes are called “courses”. You will need to take a combination of courses that totals 12 undergraduate credits or 9 graduate credits each term you are at OSU in order to be considered a full-time student. In the application we will ask you to list as many classes as possible, since the schedule of class offerings for your program duration is not typically confirmed until after you are accepted. You are not guaranteed to be able to register for any of the classes that you list.

Please use the OSU Schedule of Classes search engine to look up classes by term. If your academic term/year is not listed, use the most recent academic year to pull classes from. In many cases classes repeat themselves every year. You can see archives of the Schedule of Classes here.

The Schedule of Classes website will have brief descriptions of each course. If you need more detailed information about a course, click here for the online General Catalog. Note: not all of the listed courses will be offered every term, which is why the schedules are so important.

Summer term and E-campus classes are NOT included in the exchange program tuition waiver (if you take summer classes or E-campus classes you will have to pay out of pocket for them).

Housing / Accomodation

While you are a student at OSU, you have different housing options. Many international exchange students choose to stay in the residence halls. This allows international students to meet and get to know their American student peers while they become fully immersed in college life. Living on campus is also the more convenient option as on campus residents live within walking distance of most, if not all, university buildings. 

Students can find more information about on campus residence halls, available dining services, costs, application deadlines, and much more online through the University Housing website for International Students. If you would also like to research off-campus options, click here.

Arrival / Orientation

OSU conducts a mandatory orientation for international students at the beginning of each term to help integrate you into the U.S. student lifestyle. You will receive exact days for your orientation once you have been formally accepted to OSU. To see information about orientation at OSU, visit the International Student Orientation website.

Who to Contact

If you have questions about your application for admission to OSU or other issues prior to your arrival, contact the OSU Incoming Exchange Coordinator, Tavia Mendez.