Peer Mentoring Program Team


OIS Program Assistant
Safia OulmaneSafia Oulmane

Safia is an international student from a beautiful city called Créteil, a suburb of Paris, France. People often get confused with “all her countries” when she explains that she was born and raised in France by an Algerian father and a Moroccan mother. To make it simple, she likes to describe herself as a citizen of the world with a French accent. She transferred to OSU from Portland Community College in the Fall of 2016 to pursue a B.A. in a major she is absolutely passionate about: Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. With the recent heartbreaking events that happened in her beloved home country and the ones that keep happening all over the world, Safia takes her role as the OIS Program Assistant to heart and is looking forward to promoting values of peace and tolerance. Besides English, Safia is fluent in French, Moroccan, Arabic and Emoji. That’s right, there is no way she can write any type of correspondence without spreading love and happiness through a smiling face emoji

Akiko OkadaAkiko Okada

Akiko Okada is from Japan and she studies Psychology. When Akiko has time, she goes to Dixon to work out, watches movies and goes hiking. Akiko became a mentor because she wanted to introduce new international students to our campus and also to practice English with them. She is excited to share cultures with her mentees!

Cat HoangCat Hoang

Xin Chao! Cat Hoang is from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She is studying Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry. She likes to do a lot of different things in her spare time, including playing basketball, cooking, biking around Corvallis, and painting under the sun. She is also involved on campus with the Microbiology Student Association, OSU Epic Movement, and the International Cultural Service Program. Cat became a mentor because she wants to make new friends and share her wisdom from her diverse experience. She is super excited to get matched to new mentees as she will be able to learn about their culture and talk about things they have in common!

Divya VasudevanDivya Vasudevan

Divya Vasudevan is from Corvallis, OR and she is studying Business Information Systems. In her spare time, she plays the violin and enjoys traveling. She is also involved in the Business Information Systems club at OSU. Divya applied to be a mentor because she wants to meet new people and assist them in adjusting to American culture. She is excited to meet new people and learn about different cultures

Hung PhanHung Phan

Hung Phan is from Vietnam and he is studying Biohealth Science.  In his spare time, he listens to music, does boxing, and play video games. Hung is involved in Phi Delta Chi, the Professional Pharmacy Fraternity, OSU Pistol club, and OSU Gaming club. He became a mentor because he wants to help other international students and is excited to help mentees and have fun with them!

Lu Shi Lu Shi

Lu Shi is from China and is studying for her PhD in Public Health at OSU. In her spare time, Lu likes reading and watching movies. She became a mentor because she wants to meet new people and to have fun with them. Lu is excited to get to know her mentees!


Nurul Ain Khalib Nurul Ain Khalib

Nurul Ain Khalib is from Malaysia and is studying Bioresource Research. She enjoys watching movies, working out, listening to music, painting, writing songs, spending time with friends, and going to events on campus when she has time. Nurul became a mentor because she wanted to help guide international students and to meet new people. She is excited to expand her circle of friends!

Stephanie Foster Stephanie Foster

Stephanie Foster is from Salem, OR, and she is earning her PhD in Public Health. Stephanie likes running, eating, and watching movies in her spare time. She became a mentor because she was looking for a way to help new students feel welcome at OSU. Stephanie is excited to get to know new people and new cultures and connecting with others!

Tatiana Dolgushina Tatiana Dolgushina

Tatiana Dolgushina is from Russia and is pursuing her Masters in Creative Writing. In her spare time, she likes to read and write. Tatiana is also involved in ASOSU. She became a mentor because she wanted to help new students and is excited to learn about other cultures! 


Tian Tian Pang Tian Tian Pang

Tian Tian Pang is from China and is completing a Masters in Public Health. Tian Tian likes working out, playing with her dog, traveling, and listening to music in her spare time. She is also involved in the International Cultural Service Program and in Meditation Translated, a drop-in meditation session offered in several languages. Tian Tian became a mentor because she cares about international students and wants to make new friends. She is excited to learn about other cultures from her mentees!

Tuong Hoang Tuong Hoang

Tuong Hoang was born and raised in Sai Gon, Vietnam. She attended Portland Community College (PCC) for two years before transferring to OSU. She is a senior in Mechanical Engineering. Besides her passion for engineering, she enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures. She is very excited to be a part of IPMP to share her own experience as an international student and Vietnamese culture as well as making new friends and learning new things from others. 

Yulin Hu Yulin Hu

Yulin Hu is from China and she is studying Kinesiology. In her spare time, she likes to hang out with friends, go hiking, and watch movies. Yulin is also involved in Karate club and International Language Club. She became a mentor because she had a good experience as a mentee last year and now hopes to help students like her mentor helped her. Yulin is excited to get to know her mentees and have a good time with them!

Yulissa Magana Yulissa Magana

Yulissa Magaña is from Corvallis, OR, and is studying Psychology. Yulissa enjoys photography, eating, and shopping in her spare time. She applied to be a mentor because she wanted to be more connected with people and more involved with school activities and she wanted to help others acclimate to American culture. Yulissa is excited about learning mentees’ culture and connecting with people on a deeper level!

Caitlin McVay

International Peer Mentoring Program Coordinator
Caitlin McVay

"I've experienced the excitement and shock of learning to live a new place. I believe strongly in providing resources and programs to help support international students in cultural adjustment and identity development during their time at OSU. I believe the Peer Mentoring Program does just that, and I enjoy being able to watch students grow and learn from one another."