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Get International Education, Experience, Employment (IE3) with IE3 Global Internships, OSU's international internship program that allows you to explore your professional goals and career paths in an international context. The program can be a bridge between your academic experience at OSU and your future employment or studies in a graduate/professional school.

Application Deadlines

Summer term: January 25
Fall term: April 15
Winter term: September 1
Spring term: November 15

IE3 scholarship application deadlines are 2 weeks after the deadlines above.


IE3 internships are open to all OSU students who have at least junior status (having completed at least 90 credits) at the beginning of the internship period. You are also expected to maintain good standing at OSU both academically and financially. If you are on academic probation or have a hold with the Business Affairs Office, your application will not be processed.

As an IE3 intern, you are not only a representative of OSU, but also the IE3 program and the United States, and you are expected to show your full commitment to the internship. All internship positions are full-time and last at least 10 weeks (one term) or more, and the beginning and ending dates may be arranged upon discussion with your regional director.

After completion of your internship abroad, students must turn in following documents in order to receive internship credits:

  • Final report
  • Self-evaluation
  • Employer evaluation
  • Any assignments discussed and arranged with your professor (if you are earning departmental credits)

IE3 Global Internships is an academic program. You must be enrolled in a university and you are required to be registered for academic credit(s) for the duration of the internship. If you are a recent graduate of OSU, you must apply to be a post-bacc student through the  Office of Admissions.

IE3 students do not pay regular OSU tuition. Instead, the IE3 program fee will cover the cost of credits, up to 12 credits (9 credits for graduate students; E-campus courses are EXCLUDED), for the first term. For subsequent term(s), there will be an additional cost for each credit. There is a $350 registration and administration fee that will be charged to your OSU student account at the beginning of the internship. The $350 fee is applicable for each term you are abroad.

You may earn the internship credits through the Office of Oregon State University Global Opportunities (GO OSU) or through your major/minor department. If you choose to earn departmental credits, it is your responsibility to find a supervising professor in the department prior to your departure and determine what assignments (in addition to IE3 requirements: final report, self-evaluation, and employer evaluation) you should complete in order to earn those credits. Once you have made appropriate arrangements, complete the OSU Credit Agreement Form and turn it in to your IE3 OSU Campus Coordinator, who will take care of your internship credit registration.

Remember: IE3 students DO NOT register for internship credits by themselves!

All IE3 interns who are accepted to the program must complete the IE3 OSU Credit Agreement Form (fillable PDF) prior to their departure--usually during the term before internship starts. Take care to read all instructions and sign at the end of the form. Print the form (preferably double-sided) and turn it in to your OSU IE3 Advisor.

If you plan to earn departmental credits* (e.g. H 410, HDFS 406, SPAN 402) you must find a supervising professor from the department, and then discuss with him/her what you need to do in order to earn those credits. Assignments may include keeping journals, submitting a term paper, or giving a presentation upon completion of the internship, but they have to be approved in advance. It is your responsibility to set up an appropriate arrangement with the department and professor.

IE3 interns DO NOT register for internship credits by themselves. Instead, students complete the IE3 credit agreement form and turn it in to an IE3 Campus Advisor. Our office will register you directly with the Registrar's Office.

INTL 410 

Students who do not/cannot earn departmental credits may register for INTL 410, which are general international internship credits granted through the OSU Education Abroad Office. Students who register for these credits must complete all of the IE3 reporting requirements (final report, self-evaluation, and employer evaluation). The grading options is Pass/No Pass only for INTL 410.

Graduate Students

If you choose to register for INTL 510 credits for an IE3 internship, you will need an approval by your academic advisor as well as an input from your academic advisor on any additional work that may be required to show proof of graduate-level work completed.

E-campus Courses

If you wish to earn Ecampus credits (e.g. ANTH 208/209), you will need to pay separate tuition for those credits on your own. IE3 students cannot earn credits for courses that are normally taught through OSU Ecampus. Taking additional Ecampus courses during your internship is not recommended.

To register for INTL 410/510, please use the following format:
     Department: OSU Office of Global Opportunities
     Course#: INTL 410 (510 if you are a graduate student)
     Number of credits: (between 1-12)
     Grading mode: P/N (A-F is not available for INTL 410/510)
     Faculty advisor's name: (your OSU IE3 advisor's name)
     Signature & Date: (leave this part blank)

Note: Biology/Zoology students cannot earn BI 410/Z 410 through IE3 internships. All Biology/Zoology students must be registered for INTL 410 and/or other departmental credits (e.g. Spanish, if you plan to intern in a Spanish-speaking country. See Brock McLeod if you have any questions.

1. Create a Getting Started account and connect with an Ambassador to understand the basics of education abroad, and discuss with your academic advisor how an IE3 Global internship will fit in your curriculum at OSU.

2. Visit the IE3 Global website to find internship positions of your interest, and narrow down your choices. You may also want to search for any scholarships that you are eligible for.

3. Call the OSU GO office (541-737-3662) to make an appointment with one of the OSU GO ambassadors to learn more details about IE3 Global Internship program. OSU-Cascades students: Contact Maribeth Erlich to discuss how an IE3 Global internship will fit in your academic curriculum.

4. Give yourself plenty of time to work on your application materials, as well as any scholarship applications. You are expected to complete online applications (EXCEPT the interview) before the deadline. The  Writing Center and  Career Center can provide you help with editing of your resume, cover letter, and personal essay.

5. Complete the OSU GO online application after finishing the "Getting Started" phase

6. Complete the IE3 online application by the deadline. Once everything is marked as "received" in your IE3 Global application account, it is your responsibility to schedule an interview with your IE3 Global Campus Coordinator within 1-2 weeks AFTER the deadline (541-737-3662). 
OSU-Cascades students: Contact Maribeth Erlich to schedule an interview or if you have any questions.

7. Please note that it can take 4-6 weeks before you receive information about your prospective placement from IE3 Global staff. In the meantime, complete the OSU Credit Agreement Form and discuss what assignments/projects you need to do with your supervising faculty (if applicable).

8. Attend the mandatory IE3 Global Internship pre-departure orientation (you will have opportunities to meet past interns at this time).

9. While you are abroad, stay in touch with your IE3 Global staff and OSU Campus Coordinator, as well as the internship supervising faculty (if applicable) who will be working with you on your internship credits.

10. If you arranged to earn departmental credits, it is your responsibility to complete and turn in all assignments to your OSU internship supervisor in order to receive those credits.

IE3 Global Internships is an academic program of OSU, and therefore you are able to apply most forms of financial aid (i.e. grants, loans) and scholarships you may receive toward the cost of the internship. It is important that you apply for FAFSA in advance to be eligible to receive financial aid.

Prior to your departure, your IE3 Campus Coordinator will send your internship program budget to the Financial Aid Office, where your financial aid information is reviewed, and your aid is adjusted accordingly. See the "Using Financial Aid" section of the website for more details. Your IE3 program fee will be charged to your OSU student account at the beginning of the internship term. When your financial aid (i.e. grants, scholarships, loans) is disbursed on the first day of the term, it should be applied toward the program cost. If your aid amount is greater, then the refund will be issued either via direct deposit (highly recommended) or by check.

There are a number of scholarships available for students participating in international programs, including IE3 internships. Visit the scholarships page, search for any scholarships you are eligible for, and apply in advance. Make sure scholarships are applicable for internships, as some scholarships require you to be enrolled in academic classes. Be open and creative when you look for funding sources. Some of the past IE3 students have received not only OSU/IE3 scholarships, but also from schools/organizations from their home town, parents' employer, or through national organizations and foundations. You must take initiative and be proactive to seek those resources.

The deadlines for the IE3 scholarship are listed here.

You will work closely with the IE3 Campus Advisors in OSU GO office during the IE3 application process and they will advise you on financial aid and registration matters. You will not register yourself for the IE3 internship credits in order to avoid any unnecessary campus fees. Instead, you will submit the OSU Credit Agreement Form to your IE3 Campus Advisor, and s/he will register you directly through the Registrar's Office.

The IE3 Program Directors work directly with the overseas IE3 partners, and they develop new internship sites to meet students' needs and various interests. IE3 Program Directors and Advisors work with interns from all IE3 partner institutions, and they can provide you with more detailed information on each internship site. They coordinate the IE3 internship orientations each term, and also provide on-going support throughout your internship period.