There are lots of other places to look, but they’ll require patience and perseverance.  It’ll feel a little like looking for a needle in a haystack.  But few people are willing to search that haystack, so in some cases, you won’t have a lot of competition!  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Take a look at the Funding for Study Abroad book available in the Study Abroad Resource Center (Heckart Lodge).  This book is just an alphabetical list of foundations, but has geographic and subject indexes that can help narrow your search.
  • Apply for regular academic scholarships in your major, college, and OSU-wide.  Unless the scholarship has a particular requirement, you should be able to take it abroad.  Check with the donor or scholarship administrator to be certain.
  • Check with the ministry/department of education in your host country, as well as your host institution.  They may have scholarships available to recruit international students to come study there.  The British Council, Education Ireland, and Australian Education International are a few organizations that come to mind.
  • Check with professional associations related to your career/field of study.  Often, they have scholarships available for students in the discipline, but may even have specific study abroad scholarships as well!
  • There may be scholarships available for members of your ethnic group, major, gender, or ability. These scholarships may be for regular college attendance, but some of them can be used for study abroad as well.
  • Use other search engines to search for scholarships. This is a time-intensive approach, but may pay off. Many of these scholarships have specific criteria, such as "applicant must be a descendent of Pennsylvania mine workers planning to study Dutch language in the Netherlands". Finding the right scholarship is tricky, but could really be worth it in the end.