Program costs and billing procedures vary by program. You may pay all of your program costs to OSU, all costs to an outside agency or foreign university, or pay tuition and fees to OSU and other costs such as room and board to a foreign university. Be sure to check with your Education Abroad Advisor or Program Coordinator to be sure you understand exactly what you will owe, to whom, and when it is due. View this diagram of how payments work for most study abroad programs.

Program fees or tuition billed to OSU student account:

  • OSU-administered study abroad programs
  • IE3 Global
  • $350 (one time) Education Abroad Administrative Fee for students participating on select OSU programs and all programs through API, CIEE, GEO, IE3 Global, IFSA-Butler, INTO China, Semester At Sea, SEA Semester, SFS, and SIT study abroad programs

Program providers that bill the student directly:

  • API
  • CIEE
  • GEO (formerly AHA)
  • IFSA-Butler
  • INTO China
  • SEA Semester
  • Semester At Sea
  • SFS
  • SIT

Most program providers offer a billing plan that takes into account your financial aid award and the date that aid will be released. Make arrangements before your program begins to enroll in a billing plan.

In addition to program costs, students participating in many of our education abroad programs will be charged an OSU GO administrative fee of $350 (listed above). Your OSU account will be charged this fee, which is non-refundable after the program start date. If you are paying your fees directly to a study abroad provider or host institution, you will still need to budget for the OSU administrative fee charged to your OSU account. If you intend to use financial aid to pay your program fee, remember the administrative fee will be paid out of your award before your refund is issued.

If you pay your education abroad program costs to OSU, the same OSU policies apply while you are overseas as if you were on campus.

  • Your OSU bill is due by July 31 for summer term, October 31 for fall term, January 31 for winter term, and April 30 for spring term. A 1% late charge will be assessed on any unpaid balance after that date.
  • You may pay in monthly installments if you wish; just be aware that you will be charged interest.
  • Currently, OSU accepts credit card payments only via the Web.
  • Your account balance must be under $2,200 or you will not be able to register for the following term, even if you are still abroad.

Accessing your OSU Account

A billing notification will be sent to your ONID account at the start of each month letting you know that you can log into the ebill system to view your OSU statement.  You can authorize someone (such as your parents) to have access to your OSU account by clicking on the "Authorized users" button once you are in the system and following the steps. If you have any questions about your account, please e-mail

Due to federal privacy regulations, the OSU Student Accounts Office cannot discuss your account with anyone but you unless you sign a release form. If someone other than yourself (e.g., a parent, grandparent, bill payer) might need to inquire information about your OSU account, you must sign the release form or no information can be given. The student accounts release form is available at Window 13 on the first floor of Kerr Administration Building. Be sure to inform the Student Accounts Office that you will be abroad so that they will give you the correct form and be sure to list all of the terms you will be studying abroad. You should complete the Student Accounts Release Form at the window 13 so they can witness your signature. If you mail the form, you will need to have it notarized.

Paying your Bill

You can pay your OSU bill via the ebill system, with a credit card via the Student Online Services, or by mailing a check to:

OSU Business Office
PO Box 1086
Corvallis, OR 97339

(Be sure to include your OSU ID number when mailing a payment.)