International Cultural Service Program

This program offers a scholarship to international students in exchange for cultural service to the surrounding communities. The goal of the International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) program is to increase cultural awareness and understanding throughout the campus, surrounding community and the state of Oregon.

International Peer Mentoring Program

The International Peer Mentoring Program (IPMP) is a great way to find other international students who have adjusted to life at OSU and understand how it feels to be homesick or experience culture shock while in the US. Joining the program can connect you to a community of globally-minded peers here to support and inspire each other at OSU.

Crossroads International

Crossroads International is a group of volunteers from the community who help enrich the experience of international students and build a bridge between people in our community and international students, scholars and visiting faculty at Oregon State University, and their families.

OSU Cultural Centers

OSU's Office of Diversity and Engagement has multiple cultural centers which provide events and activities including national history and heritage month programs, social justice workshops, cultural holiday celebrations, cooking demonstrations, craft nights, and many other programs for the OSU community:

OSU Student Organizations

Browse the list of all student organizations on campus. Student organizations have a broad range of categories and may focus on academics, college or department, activities, culture and more.

Multicultural Literacy Center

The Corvallis Multicultural Literacy Center (CMLC) is a place where people of all cultures can come together in a “living room for learning,” where all people can be teachers and learners, where sharing cultures and expanding literacies enables everyone to take part in the community.