Our team provides sponsored students the support they need to maintain their sponsorships while attending OSU.

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We are available via appointments, drop-in hours, or email. We advise students on sponsorship and immigration matters. Sponsored Student Programs also facilitates communication with university departments and sponsors to help address sponsorship issues.

We encourage sponsored students to be knowledgeable about their sponsorship requirements and seek their sponsor’s approval prior to deviating from their sponsorship contracts. Taking online courses, hybrid courses, and changing majors may be prohibited by sponsors or require their approval prior to registration. 


Sponsor Letters

Our team can provide letters to your sponsor for a variety of needs. Depending on the type of information requested in the letter, we may need to communicate with different university departments before the document can be provided.

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Some requests may be processed in other ways, including:



FERPA Release

We ask that all sponsored students submit an authorization for release of information for their sponsoring organization so that we can better assist sponsors. Studens may find more information and submit the release via IP Connect.

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