What is the Authorization to Release Information Form?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a law designed to protect the confidentiality of student information. Oregon State University takes privacy very seriously and does not release information unless there is a legal reason to do so, an emergency situation, or the student has given written consent.  

However, the FERPA law permits schools to release sponsored student academic transcripts and directory information to their financial sponsors. This means that OSU may release sponsored students’ academic transcripts and directory information to sponsors, even if the students have not signed the FERPA Release Form. However, if students choose to sign the Authorization for Release of Information Form (FERPA Release Form), it will help our office to communicate with sponsors and serve student and sponsor needs more effectively.

How can signing the Authorization to Release Information Form help me as a sponsored student?

By signing the FERPA waiver form, students are authorizing OSU to fully release information to their sponsors. This allows our office to work more closely with your sponsor to meet your needs as a valued sponsored student.

Do have I have to sign this form?

In order to supply your sponsor with required student information, we must have a signed Authorization to Release Information Form from all sponsored students. If a student chooses not to sign this form, it will affect their ability to receive their sponsorship.

How do I sign this form?

You can print the Release Form from the web on our Forms and Documents page, or ask for a copy at the Univeristy Plaza front desk. After you have signed the form, please return it to Univeristy Plaza, Suite 130, or via email to ois.sponsor@oregonstate.edu.