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 B-1/B-2, Visa Waiver  J-1 Visiting Scholar  H-1B, TN


Tips to hosting & hiring an international scholar:

  • Let us know about your international visitors. Inform the Office of International Services (OIS) about your international visitors by collecting the responses to the following questions and forwarding them to OIS by email. This will help us determine the visa type/program category and which application needs to be completed.
  1. What is your full name, date of birth, citizenship and email address?
  2. What is your highest educational degree level completed?
  3. Are you currently a student? Please complete this form.
  4. What is the primary purpose of your program? (research/ employment/ internship/ Postdoc training etc.)?
  5. When do you plan to start and end your program? What is the length of your program? (If program length is around 6 months, is there the possibility for extension or the program length is set and cannot be extend beyond 6 months).
  6. How will you be financially supported?
  7. Have you previously been in the United States during the last 24 months? (If yes, please provide copies of past visas and immigration documents).
  8. Have you ever been to OSU before? What was your visa status and ID number, if known?
  • Start early.  If OSU is sponsoring a scholar in J-1, H-1B, or TN status, start at least 3 to 6 months in advance. Notification should be done before the visitor arrives, preferably as soon as you know the guest will be coming.
  • Ask a scholar advisor.  We are here to help. If you have any questions or need assistance, let us know!



Academic Guests - B-1/B-2, Visa Waivers and Other Non-Citizens at OSU

Academic guests are casual visitors with no formal relationship with the university. They are usually here for a few days to a few weeks. They may be here to give a guest lecture, to consult or observe, give a performance or other activities as a guest of the academic department. They also be VIP visitors or government officials.

Academic guests generally travel to the US with either a B-1 (Visitor for Business)/ B-2 (Visitor for Tourism) visa, or a WB (business visitor) or WT (tourist) Visa Waiver. These visa types restrict the following activities:

  • No employment
  • Not for research – unless completely independent research not benefiting OSU
  • No student enrollment

Academic Guests can be paid honoraria or reimbursement or reasonable expenses through a Personal/Professional Services Contract (PSC), but only under very strict conditions.



Visiting Scholars – J-1

J-1 Visiting Scholars come to the university for collaborative and mutually beneficial purposes such as instruction, research or cultural exchange. Visiting scholars come at the invitation, and with the support of a university host department, and typically have regular or courtesy appointments. Scholars may or may not be paid by the university, but must have adequate financial support for length of their stay.

Under this program there are various categories which should be taken into consideration prior to completing the application documents

  • Short Term Scholar Category, program length must be less than six months
  • Research Scholar or Professor Category, program length is three weeks to five years and has bars to future program participation
  • Student Intern, for current students conducting an internship at OSU for up to twelve months