International students must secure financial support to meet their educational and living expenses each academic year. The total amount of expenses is based on average costs for tuition, fees, books and supplies, insurance, and room and board and is adjusted every year.

When Financial Documentation is Required

You must provide updated financial documentation for a new I-20 or DS-2019, if requested by the Office of International Services (OIS), for the following reasons:

Academic Changes or Requests Other Changes or Requests
Change of Education Level Updated Finances
Add Concurrent Major/Degree Add a Dependent I-20
Extension of Stay F-1 Reinstatement
Post-Completion Academic Training New Initial I-20 to regain status

Amount to Show

F-1 students must verify financial documentation for one academic year (three academic terms and one vacation term), or the duration of their program, whichever is less. J-1 students must show funding for the entire period of their program or extension.

Financial documentation will remain valid for one year from the date it is submitted and can be used for other requests during that time. For new students, this includes the financial documentation submitted with the admission application. If you submitted financial documentation during the last year, but it does not cover the full amount you must show now, you will need to submit additional documentation that shows your ability to cover the difference.

To determine how much funding to show, please see the links below. Please note that Summer Term is the start of a new funding year.

Acceptable Forms of Financial Documentation

You may submit financial documentation from a single or multiple sources of funding for yourself, your family, or any third-party sponsor. Documentation should be written in English or include an English translation. Funding should be shown in U.S. dollars and clearly lists your full name. You may include a printout of the conversion from foreign currency to U.S. dollars using Copies or electronic documents are acceptable.

Acceptable Not Acceptable
Personal bank or savings account statement Retirement fund accounts
Family member’s bank or savings account statement* Stock certificates
Assistantship award letter Real estate holdings
Scholarship award letter Letter of good financial standing from bank
Home country/employer sponsorship award letter  

*Affidavit of Support

The Office of International Services (OIS) asks spouses, relatives, and other personal sponsors to complete the “Affidavit of Support” form when funds held in their name are provided as financial documentation by an international student. The affidavit of support helps OIS employees confirm the legitimacy of financial documentation presented by the student. The form can be found on our Forms page.

Sponsored Students

If you are sponsored by your home government, cultural mission, or a foreign employer, you need to show updated financial documentation that covers your current major field of study and degree level and is valid for the full period of the I-20 or DS-2019. If your current financial guarantee does not cover the entire period, you may need to show additional proof of funding. You should secure the appropriate documentation from your sponsor before requesting a new I-20 or DS-2019.