International Student Enrollment

This webpage contains statistical international student enrollment reports (Fall 2011 – Spring 2018), enrollment Dashboard (Fall 2018 – current term), as well as a Report Request Form.

Available Reports

The Office of International Services provides a publicly accessible report dashboard for both students and scholars. To access the Dashboard, login to IP Connect and select 'International Student & Scholar Statistical Reports.'

Current Reports

The Dashboard displays current term only. Statistics from Fall 2011 forward are in Box.

Past Reports

Report Request

To request data or a report not found in the Dashboard or Box, please fill out our Report Request Form. Please allow 7 business days for the processing of your request. You may be asked to provide a mock-up of the report as part of your request. Please note that we may redirect you to CORE if that system is better able to fill your need.

OSU Report Request Form

This report request form is for OSU employees only. Anyone outside of OSU may make a request via email.

For any questions about contents of this page, feel free to contact the Office of International Services. The International Student Enrollment Report was a quarterly PDF report prepared by the Office of International Services (formerly International Student Advising and Services) to provide OSU and its constituents with a detailed demographic profile of our international student population.