International Student Enrollment

Report Request

To request data or a report not found below, please fill out our Report Request Form. Please allow 7 business days for the processing of your request.  You will be asked to provide a mock-up of the report as part of your request. This report request form is for OSU employees only. Anyone outside of OSU should make a request via email.

Beginning with Fall 2018

The Office of International Services provides a publically accessible report dashboard. To access the Dashboard:

  1. Go to IP Connect
  2. Click on 'International Student & Scholar Statistical Reports' from the log-in page

Note: The dashboard displays both Student and Scholar Reports (however scholar reports have not been vetted yet).

Prior to Fall 2018

The International Student Enrollment Report was a quarterly PDF report prepared by the Office of International Services (formerly International Student Advising and Services) to provide OSU and its constituents with a detailed demographic profile of our international student population.