When You Receive a Request

When you get a presentation request, call the person who made the request within three days and discuss what you will be presenting, pick-up location and time and anything else you think is important. If the presentation is scheduled for several weeks ahead, it is a good idea to call the person who requested you a few days before the presentation for a second time to remind him/her about your presentation.

Presentation Protocols

Your ICSP new student handbook provides you with some basic ideas for presentation organization. Your request form should have specific details as well about what topics you are to address, and the age of your audience. If you have questions or need more details, contact the requester directly and ask questions about what they expect, and how interactive they would like you to be.  As a general rule, school groups will want you to do activities that require children to engage with you or move around, and in addition talk generally about your country. Any visual elements you can add are usually well received, but keep in mind that Power Point or formal presentations are not appropriate for many school groups. They want to see you and engage with you, not listen to a 30 minute presentation. Equipment for Power Point is not available at many schools, as computers are costly and not always well equipped.

Transportation to off-campus presentations is usually provided by your requester. When you arrive at your presentation, give the person in charge a student evaluation form so that they can evaluate your presentation. Ask the person to return the completed form to the ICSP Coordinator, Nan Xie via email or mail.

Presentation Material Suggestions

  • Pictures of your family/house/city/village/school
  • National flag
  • Music recordings and songs from your country
  • National clothes/traditional clothes
  • Musical instruments
  • Make a poster about your country
  • Post cards or tourist site pictures
  • Stamps/coins/money from your country
  • Pictures of exotic vegetables and fruits from your country
  • Video/DVD of daily life
  • Little gifts to hand out to the audience/teacher/"contact person"
  • Video/DVD of traditional dances (i.e. at a wedding/celebration)

After the Presentation

After your presentation, you are required to email the ICSP Assistant with your feedback. We are expecting to see what you have learned and accomplished during the event. Pictures are much welcome and appreciated. Some of the content of your feedback could be used in the monthly ICSP e-newsletter.  It is good to do this as soon after your talk as possible, while your presentation details are still fresh in your mind. 

ICSP Staff

The ICSP staff consists of the program coordinator and the program assistant. The program assistant receives requests for speakers from different places such as high schools, OSU classes, churches, retirement homes and many others. The ICSP assistant is the one who schedules presentations for you; you do not have to look for your own requests in most cases, though you may do "self-arranged" presentations to fulfill the commitments as an ICSP participant. In most cases, the program assistant is the person you need to see for any presentation issues (your request form is unclear, or you cannot make it to a scheduled presentation, etc). If you have a problem related to ICSP that is not concerned with presentations (for example, you are having trouble keeping up with your ICSP obligations), see the program coordinator.

Juggling ICSP, School and Work

While at OSU, your studies are your highest priority. If you have an academic event that conflicts with your ICSP commitments, please see the program coordinator or program assistant to reschedule your ICSP request.

International students are allowed to work on campus up to 20 hours a week; however, ICSP engagements must come before your employment commitments. If you have an ICSP request scheduled during work hours, you will be responsible for making arrangements to be absent from work during that time.

ICSP Retreats

There is a mandatory ICSP retreat during the first month of every term. All ICSP students and the ICSP coordinator will meet to go over important policies, announcements, and any upcoming events. This is a fun event organized so that ICSP students can get to know one another and share ideas, as well as socialize. If you cannot attend this meeting, you need to let the ICSP coordinator or the program assistant know in advance.

Social Media

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