What is IP Connect?

IP Connect is an online system available to all international students. Many requests can be made through IP Connect, however, some forms are still paper requests.

Why will I use IP Connect?
  • To update your emergency contact information, current phone number, and email address

  • To view emails sent to you by OIS (in the past 60 days)

  • To submit online forms to OIS

How do I use IP Connect?  

To view detailed instructions with more photos, please click here.

  • Step 1: Go to https://ipconnect.oregonstate.edu/

  • Step 2: Click on the BLUE Login button

  • Step 3: Login with your ONID credentials

  • Step 4: Verify that your SEVIS information is correct

  • Step 5: Select an Eform you wish to submit from the left side menu

Note: If you see that all of the information is correct, you do not need to update it.

Having trouble? We are here to help. Please email us at OIS.student@oregonstate.edu with any questions or concerns.