Sponsoring departments of international Scholars are encouraged to follow the guidelines indicated below in order to help the scholars’ experiences at OSU be successful.  While the Office of International Services (OIS) does not take part in the direct support of scholars and student interns, they offer a variety of online resources and materials that sponsoring professors and departments can access and distribute to their scholars. General questions regarding Exchange Visitors can be directed to the International Scholar Advisor.


  1. Complete courtesy or affliate paperwork (allows scholar to get ID and access to campus upon arrival, including getting office keys, purchasing a parking pass, etc.) See OHR policy, forms on OSCAR
  2. Identify office space & computer access
  3. Assign a department contact to meet with scholar upon arrival
  4. Send scholar a link to OIS Housing Resources webpage and pre-arrival orientation information
  5. Schedule your first meeting with scholar


  1. Meet scholar upon arrival
  2. Give scholar a tour of the department and office space
  3. Introduce scholar to faculty, staff, and graduate student (personally and via email)
  4. Schedule scholar for a campus tour
  5. Consider assigning a student assistant to walk scholar to the key shop & ID center to assist with access
  6. Provide scholar with scholar arrival orientation information (most set-up and access topics are covered on this website)
  7. Schedule scholar for the mandatory OIS check-in and orientation
  8. Indentify a way for scholar to get to Albany to apply for social security card (if scholar is paid through OSU)
  9. Consider holding a departmental welcome with faculty, staff, and graduate students for the scholar. This gives everyone a wonderful opportunity to meet and learn more about who the scholar is and what type of research they are pursuing.