Sponsoring departments may use the templates on this page to invite a scholar to conduct research at Oregon State University. Most scholars will need a visa to enter the United States and to being their program, please contact the Office of International Services to determine a visa type.

In many countries scholars are expected to submit evidence that they have identified a host affiliation in the United States as part of the application process, well before an actual grant or scholarship is awarded. Scholars usually include a letter of invitation from the host institution/sponsor in their application materials.

Scholars in the Research Scholar or Short-Term Scholar category will also need a letter of invitation during their U.S. visa interview. This letter is usually added to the acceptance packet which contains the immigration documentation needed to apply for a U.S. visa. Scholars in the Student Intern category already have the Training Internship Placement Plan (TIPP) which outlines their internship plans. 

Please print all letters on official OSU letterhead with signature or seal if available.

Letter of Invitation Templates