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There are many options for students and scholars to get around Corvallis and the United States without a personal car or vehicle. OSU Transportation Services can provide additional resources for students investigating transportation options. 

Other Modes of Transportation

  • Pedal Corvallis: This is a modern, app-enabled bikeshare system serving the Corvallis area. Passes are available to anyone age 18 and older. Availability is limited. 

Public Transportation in the Corvallis-Benton County Area

  • OSU Beaver Bus: OSU offers a free campus shuttle service for the convenience of students, staff and visitors. There are two buses operating continuous trips throughout campus. 
  • Night Owl: Provides late-night service Fall through the Spring Term. 
  • Corvallis Public Transit: Bus routes, schedules, and fare information. 
  • The Linn-Benton Loop: The Linn-Benton Loop Bus operates Monday through Saturday and has connecting points with Albany Transit System and Corvallis Transit System.
  • Albany Transit: 541-917-7667
  • Philomath Connection: 541-766-6998

Corvallis-Benton County Area Transportation Providers

Other Oregon Community Transit Providers

Taxi Cabs

  • Ali Taxi: (541) 829-1103
  • Auto Taxi: (541) 752-8294
  • Beaver Cab: (541) 738-8294
  • Fast Cab: (541) 753-3278

Car Rentals

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