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Application Deadlines: 
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Junior standing
  • Short essays

Application deadline: Mar. 15

Program Details: 

2018 details to be available in early November.

Please Look for your Program on our "Faculty Led Program Offerings" site at that time.

*** Last Year's Program Description:

The CPHHS London Classroom of Summer 2017 will offer an immersion experience into public health with a small class size.  As the epicenter of the former British Empire, London remains an international community rich in history, diversity, and public health innovations.  Students will be provided a private studio apartment in a student community center and an unlimited travel pass to explore the city.

The CPHHS London Classroom is a hybrid experience.  Students will learn core public health concepts in the classroom in the mornings then process and explore those concepts in London through structured excursion activities in the afternoons.  

The CPHHS London Classroom will offer 3 interconnected courses for a total of 9 units.  The courses are described below.

H320: Introduction to Human Disease (3 credits)

This course uses a Public Health lens to study human diseases as they affect an individual and a population.  Students learn about the origin of epidemiology, the study of the distribution and causes of disease, and how public health professionals and scientist use epidemiology to understand disease and promote risk-reduction.  Through London excursions, students will gain concrete experiences through exploration of historical artifacts related to human disease and the evolution of the public health system. 

H333: Global Public Health (3 credits)

Global Public Health expands the scope of disease to investigate the causes and impacts of diseases across high-income, middle-income, and low-income countries and subgroups within countries.  London, England offers students a window into the effects of colonization and immigration on health.

H399: London Photostory (3 credits)

To tie these courses together with each other and the students excursion experiences, students will capture at least one photo a day, describe the course concept the image represents, and post to Instagram.  Students will practice health promotion by creating a photostory illustrating public health as learned through their London Classroom window.  Students will learn the principles of photostory as an advocacy, health promotion, and research tool for their future use and compose a product they can use for their future internship and job interviews.  

This OSU faculty-led study abroad program is being led by Aimee Snyder. This OSU faculty-led study abroad program is being taught and led by Aimee Snyder. For more information, contact Aimee Snyder or JoAnne Bunnage in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences.

Academic Emphasis: 
Exercise & Sport Sci.
Public Health
Program Administrator: 
OSU Faculty-Led
Program Costs: 

Cost Estimates (2017):

  • Tuition (9 credits): $1,737
  • Participant Fee: $3,900
  • INTO scholarship: $600 credit

(includes: lodging, Heathrow airport pick-up, London public transportation, program excursions, and in-country support)

  • International Airfare: $1,200
  • U.S. Passport: $135
  • Books & Supplies: $100
  • Meals (not included in the Participant Fee): $1,000
  • Incidentals and miscellaneous: $300

Total Program Cost Estimate: $7,772

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