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Application Deadlines: 
  • Minimum GPA 2.5
  • A short essay describing what interests you about this program and how will you be a strong addition to the group.

Priority deadline: Feb. 1, 2017

Application deadline: Mar. 15, 2017

Program Details: 

2018 details to be available in early November.

Please Look for your Program on our "Faculty Led Program Offerings" site at that time.

*** Last Year's Program Description:

LA 399: 1000 Years of Crime and Punishment (3 credits)
Instructor: Michelle Inderbitzin

In this class, we will explore the long and fascinating history of crime and punishment in England using London as our classroom. As part of the course, we will walk the streets that Jack the Ripper walked, stand on the ground where public executions took place, tour the infamous Tower of London, and visit Anne Boleyn’s final resting place. We will spend an afternoon in a working courtroom in the Royal Courts of Justice re-enacting a criminal case out of history with students playing the roles of judge, jury, attorneys, defendant, and witnesses; we will sit in on a criminal trial at the Old Bailey criminal court; and we will get a behind the scenes look into the UK’s Supreme Court.  Finally, we’ll learn about the infamous Newgate Prison while visiting the Clink Prison Museum, and we’ll enjoy a fine-dining lunch prepared and served by current prisoners in a job training program in a London-area prison.

This experiential learning course has been designed with the baccalaureate core outcomes and criteria of Social Processes and Institutions, Contemporary Global Issues, and Western Culture

LA 399: London Stories (3 credits)
Instructor: Susan Rodgers

In this class, we will read and discuss stories and essays about London, visit sites related to the readings, and write brief responses, reviews, and reflections.  Our excursions will offer a wide range of London experiences.  We’ll visit an open-air market and an iconic department store; take in tourist attractions and off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods; look at art from centuries ago, and from last year; have “high tea” and a food truck lunch; see a play in the West End and buskers in Covent Garden; and soak up the rich and diverse mix of cultures that make up this vibrant, exciting city.  Bring comfortable shoes, a portable notebook, and a camera—London is our classroom!

“…when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” — Samuel Johnson

These experiential courses have been designed with the baccalaureate core outcomes and criteria of Literature and Arts, Western Culture and Writing II.

This OSU faculty-led study abroad program is being co-taught and co-led by Dr. Michelle Inderbitzen and Professor Susan Rodgers.

For more information, contact the John Edwards in the College of Liberal Arts.

Program Administrator: 
OSU Faculty-Led
Program Costs: 

Cost Estimates for 2017:

  • Tuition: $1,158 (6 credits)
  • Participant Fee: $3,900
  • INTO scholarship: $600 credit

(includes: lodging, Heathrow airport transfer, London public transportation, program excursions, and in-country support)

  • International Airfare: $1,200
  • U.S. Passport: $135
  • Books & Supplies: $100
  • Meals (not included in the Participant Fee) $1,000
  • Incidentals and miscellaneous: $300

Total Program Cost Estimate: $7,193

CLA Dean's Office Scholarship (CLA majors only) may be available: $1,500

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