Oregon and Ecuador

Application Deadlines: 

Sophomore class standing and above

Prerequisite: FCS 454/554 International Perspectives on Food Systems (4 cr.) during Spring Term 2016

Pre-Application Deadline: Nov. 27, 2015

Program Details: 

What does a food system that is fair and healthy for everyone look like and what steps can be taken to help create it?

In this learning community a group of professors, students and select community members will focus their attention on this question by exploring two regions that contain a wide variety of ecosystems, cultures and agricultural products and where food activism is strong. Oregon is known for its environmental activism and Ecuador is the first country to call for food sovereignty in its constitution. How do these policies play out in the lives of people who produce food and eat food? What are the impacts of the global food system on rural communities and on people's health? How are food activists attempting to change the food system?

In both Ecuador and Oregon, the group will visit sites of sustainable food production that are integrated into local, regional, national and international markets, as well as programs that highlight culturally important foodways outside of the market system. Particular attention will be given to indigenous foodways and ecosystems: Coastal and Plateau tribes in Oregon and Andean and Amazonian tribes in Ecuador. Food justice lies at the center of the explorations.

Before beginning the program, participants must enroll in the 4 credit OSU Ecampus course FCSJ 454/554 International Perspectives on Food Systems.  Students can count credits toward an undergraduate certificate or graduate minor in Food in Culture and Social Justice. 

The Field Stay program in Oregon will take place from Sept. 5-18, 2016. (updated as of 6/14/16)

The OSU faculty-led program / Field Stay to Ecuador will take place from Dec. 8-22, 2016.

For more infomation, contact: Joan Gross

Academic Emphasis: 
Agricultural Sciences
Bioresource Res.
Public Health
Program Administrator: 
OSU Faculty-Led
Program Costs: 
  • Participant Fee: $1,050 (in September 2016) and $1,050 in December 2016) (includes lodging, most meals, local transportation and excursions during the two week program in Oregon and two week program in Ecuador)
  • Tuition: $579 (undergraduate) / $1,350 (graduate) [3 cr. Intersession Winter 2017]
  • Insurance: $40
  • SHS Travel consultation $17 (optional)

Out of pocket cost estimates;

  • Airfare: $1,200
  • US passport: $135
  • Meals: $160
  • Incidentals: $200

Total Estimated Cost: $3,311 (undergraduate) / $4,080 (graduate)