Schooling options and frequently asked questions about enrolling dependent children in school can be found on this page.

Primary and Secondary School Enrollment

To enroll your children in Corvallis Public Schools, you will need to obtain the following documents from your home country:

  • An official birth certificate, a signed hospital certificate, or a passport as valid proof of your child's birth date.
  • A physical examination for all children beginning school in the U.S. for the first time.
  • Official copies of the child's school records.
  • All immunization records with names and dates of vaccines received. Required immunization for all school-aged children are diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella, and polio. In addition, some children from outside the United States must be screened for active tuberculosis infection.

Preparing Your Children for School in Corvallis (FAQ)


Schools in Corvallis and Philomath

Corvallis and Philomath School District Sites

In order to enroll your children in Corvallis Public Schools, you will need to bring documents and immunization certificates from your home country. For more information, contact the Corvallis School District at 541-757-5811.


    How do I know which school my child will attend?

    If you are not sure about which school attendance area you live in, please call the school district office, 541-757-5811. School district policy allows parents to request the school they would like their children to attend. Parents of students on transfer are responsible for transportation to and from school unless space is available on a district bus that travels an appropriate route. If you plan to register your child at a school outside the attendance area, request a student transfer form when you register your child.


    What do I need to bring to register?

    To complete the registration forms, you should bring:

    • A copy of your child's complete immunization record, including information about when your child received the following required immunizations:
    • 5 doses of DTP vaccine
    • 4 doses of polio vaccine
    • 1 dose of MMR vaccine at or after 15 months of age
    • 1 dose of Hib vaccine required between 15 months and before five years of age
    • Second dose of measles containing vaccine
    • Hepatitis B series (3 doses)
    • Chicken pox vaccine or disease history
    • Names and phone numbers of three friends or relatives to be called in an emergency if you can't be reached
    • Name and phone number of your family physician
    • Proof of birth date: birth certificate, hospital certificate or passport (Students eligible for kindergarten next year must be five years old on or before September 1)


    How will my child get to school?

    Children who live close to school may walk or be transported by parents. Those who live one mile from the building (unless some hazard exists, such as a busy highway) may ride the bus that takes all elementary students to and from school in the morning and afternoon. Parents of children in half-day programs, however, will need to provide their own mid-day transportation.


    What supplies will my child need?

    Supply lists vary from school to school. Check with your school. Remember school offices are closed from the end of June until mid-August. District-wide lists published in the Gazette-Times or posted in stores may not reflect the specific needs of your child's classroom.


    Medical and Immunization Information

    Oregon law requires that children be adequately immunized against diphtheria tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, hepatitis B, and rubella. On registration day parents must bring a child's immunization records to school. School staff will then advise you about needed immunizations. Most of them will need to receive a booster dose of diphtheria/tetanus vaccine and polio vaccine to meet the requirements of the law. Those who have not had one dose of measles/mumps/rubella vaccine will need one dose.  Visit the Oregon Department of Public Heath's Vaccines And Immunizations website for additional information.

    To be ready for school, make plans now to have your child immunized. Please do one of the following:

    1. Make an appointment now with your family physician.
    2. Make an appointment with the Benton County Health Department at 541-766-6835. Vaccine costs range based on income level. No one is denied service if unable to pay. All county residents use Health Department services regardless of income level.
    3. Plan now to comply with Oregon's School Immunization Law. Call for appointments with your doctor or the Health Department. If you have questions about immunization requirements call your child's school or the Health Department.
    4. You also are urged to get a physical examination for your child. The Pupil Medical Record form is available at the school. Since clinics and doctors' offices are very busy during the late summer, you are encouraged to get physical examinations and immunizations early in the year.

    Information concerning physicals and immunizations is available at:

    Benton County Health Department
    530 NW 27th Street
    Corvallis, Oregon 97330
    Phone: 541-766-6835