Family member dependents may be required to have health insurance that meets Oregon and Department of State regulations. Failure to enroll in health insurance could be a violation of state or federal regulations or cause great financial hardship.

OSU's Student Health Services is available to enrolled students only; dependent family members will need to seek health care in the community. Since a typical office visit may cost $80-$150 dollars if not covered by insurance, and the average cost for a hospital stay (not including medical supplies, surgery, nursing care, medication, etc.) is about $400 per day. An unexpected illness or accident can cost thousands of dollars, therefore good health insurance coverage is essential.

Students (F and J visa category)

The State of Oregon requires all international students and their dependents to carry health and accident insurance throughout their stay in the United States. Students with dependents are responsible for enrolling them in a health insurance plan. For information regarding OSU health insurance options, contact the OSU Student Health Insurance Liaison in 328 Plageman Hall (541-737-7568).

Exchange Visitors (J visa types in all categories- Processor, Researcher, Scholar, Student Intern, Student, Dependents)

The Department of State (DOS) requires that ALL J-1 Exchange Visitors have medical insurance in effect for themselves and any dependents in J-visa status for the duration of their stay in the United States. Willfully failing to maintain health insurance is considered a violation of the J visa and could result in termination. Contact the primary scholar's program sponsor for more detailed information.