Guidelines for Fulbright Scholar Sponsors

Faculty sponsors of international Fulbright Scholars are encouraged to follow the guidelines indicated below in order to help the scholars’ experiences be a success.  While the Office of International Services (OIS) does not take part in the visa processing or direct support of Fulbright scholars, they are available to assist with questions and some areas of support.  Fulbright Scholars are also invited to the International Scholar and Faculty Reception and other events throughout the year.


  1. Complete courtesy or affliate paperwork (allows scholar to get ID and access to campus upon arrival, including getting office keys, purchasing a parking pass, etc.) See OHR policy, forms on OSCAR. If Fulbright scholar does not have a courtesy appointment they will NOT have an ONID account, which means no remote access to the library or wireless connections on campus. Please consider giving your visiting Fulbright scholars a courtesy appointment rather than an affiliate appointment.
  2. Identify office space & computer access.
  3. Assign a department contact to meet with Fulbright scholar upon arrival.
  4. Schedule Fulbright scholar for a campus tour.
  5. Consider assigning a graduate student to walk scholar to the key shop & ID center.
  6. Send Fulbright scholar a link to OIS New Scholar Resources webpage.
  7. Schedule your first meeting with Fulbright scholar.
  8. Consider holding a departmental welcome with faculty, staff, and graduate students for the Fulbright scholar. This gives everyone a wonderful opportunity to meet and learn more about who the Fulbright scholar is and what type of research they are pursuing.


  1. Meet Fulbright scholar upon arrival.
  2. Inform OIS of scholar's arrival, email address, and dates of program. OIS can provide orientation materials and assist with making copies of immigration documents needed to validate the scholar's record with Fulbright.
  3. Give Fulbright scholar a tour of the department and office space.
  4. Introduce Fulbright scholar to faculty, staff, and graduate student (personally and via email).
  5. Assist Fulbright scholar in getting OSU ID card and keys.  
  6. Indentify a way for Fulbright scholar to get to Albany to apply for social security card.

*While the resources on the Office of International Services (OIS) website are designed for OSU (i.e. not Fulbright) scholars and students, much of the information here is applicable and helpful for your visiting Fulbright scholar.