Sponsored Student Programs provides the support sponsored students need to maintain their sponsorship in good standing while attending Oregon State University. We are available to assist sponsored students through appointments, drop-in hours, or via email. Students may seek our assistance for clarification regarding their student account balances, sponsor letter requests, financial guarantee processing, and any other question involving their sponsorship. We can facilitate student communication with various university departments in matters related to their sponsorship. In addition to providing advice related to sponsorship, our advisors can also guide students through F-1 and J-1 related questions.

We encourage sponsored students to be knowledgeable about their sponsorship requirements and seek their sponsor’s approval prior to deviating from their sponsorship contract or financial guarantees. Taking online courses, hybrid courses, courses in another university through concurrent enrollment, and changing majors may be prohibited by sponsors or require their approval prior to registration. 


Letters & Forms 


Depending on the type of information requested in the letter, we may need to communicate with different university departments before the document can be provided. To review the different types of letters you may request from us, or submit a letter request, please go here


Helpful Links


Student Health Services: For questions related to medical coverage and health student waivers, please contact Student Health Services


Office of the Registrar: To request your official transcript please contact the Office of the Registrar 


FERPA Release 


We ask that all sponsored students submit an authorization for release of information for their sponsoring organization so that we can better assist sponsors.  Students should submit the FERPA release to our office electronically.  To review more information about FERPA and submit the FERPA release for your sponsor, please go here