1. Recruitment:  Work with OIS on the wording of the Position Announcement for all tenure-track teaching positions. 
  2. Selection:  Select best candidate for position and provide offer letter, follow guidance on OSU online hiring system User Manual regarding wording for offer letter and follow-up email regarding US work authorization.
  3. If candidate requires assistance with US work authorization, select “NRA Review Requested” on OSU online hiring system.
    If the candidate has questions about visa options, contact OIS.  
  4. OIS will review the posting on the OSU online hiring system before communicating with candidate to determine the appropriate visa category to pursue.
    Candidates will fall into three groups:
    a) those for whom OSU can secure status and work authorization
    b) those who come with their own work authorization from another sponsor or status
    c) those who do not have their own work authorization and for whom we cannot secure status and work authorization
  5. OIS will contact department/business center to start the visa application.
  6. Department/Business Center submits visa application to OIS, click here for visa categories and processing times.