There are several kinds of scholarships for International Degree students.

The ID program offers funding to assist in the completion of the experience abroad requirement.  Three of our scholarships are administered through the OSU Application Gateway.  Those scholarships include:

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We also offer funding to assist with conducting thesis research abroad through:

  • International Research Awards, up to 12 awards of $1,000-$2,000. Application deadlines are the second Monday of October, January and May each academic year.


There is a separate application for our one regular academic scholarship for International Degree students:


Liberal Arts majors pursuing the International Degree are encouraged to apply for:


If you are looking for assistance in paying for an experience abroad, you can find additional scholarships and advice through the study abroad scholarship pages.  Remember that if you participate on an OSU approved study/intern abroad program, you are eligible for financial aid.  If your program is more expensive than OSU attendence, more money may be available for you.  Check with your study abroad or scholarship advisor for more information.