To earn an International Degree, you must                                                                     2009 Graduating Class

  1. meet university dual degree requirements
  2. gain advanced proficiency in a foreign language
  3. complete an experience abroad in a country where that language is spoken
  4. take four ID core courses
  5. write a thesis on an international dimension of your primary major

Your graduation audit will be completed by an advisor in your Primary College or Department. Confirmation of the International Degree will be appropriately noted on your transcripts, and you will receive separate diplomas for your primary major and International Studies. 

1. University Dual Degree Requirements

You must successfully complete all departmental, college, and institutional requirements for your primary degree.

You must also complete a minimum of 32 credits in residence beyond the 180 credits required for most primary degrees (some majors require more than 180 credits).

  • Credits from an OSU-sponsored program abroad are in-residence.
  • Depending on level of previous foreign language study and experience abroad, you could take anywhere from the minimum 32 credits to more than 70 credits to complete the degree.

Additional International Degree requirements may be established for your primary degree, so check with your major adviser or the International Degree Contact in your department to make sure that you know what they are and that you are able to complete them. When you meet with your adviser, have a transcript in hand.

2. Advanced Proficiency in a Foreign Language

Advanced proficiency is usually evidenced by completion of the third term of a fourth-year language sequence at OSU (413). The OSU Department of World Languages and Cultures (WLC) will approve your language proficiency and sign off on the Language Proficiency Form once you have completed this requirement.

  • Language courses must be taken for a letter grade (not S/U).
  • The student's cumulative GPA in language courses must be a minimum of 3.0.
  • Exceptions may be considered only by petition (see International Degree Office for details).

Possible methods of demonstrating fourth-year language proficiency:

  • Completion of the sequence ending in 413 with minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in language classes
  • Coursework or experience identified by OSU foreign language faculty advisor as equivalent to 413 with minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in language classes
  • Courses at another accredited U.S. college or university may substitute if combined third- and fourth-year language courses constitute a minimum of 18 quarter/12 semester hours with minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in language classes
  • Acceptable score on a recognized national or international proficiency test*
  • Completion of a minimum of 1 term international internship or international research program using target language after completion of 313 class with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in all language classes **
  • Completion of a minimum of 9 months of international immersion through study, internship, or research using the target language after completion of 213 class (for language not taught at OSU at fourth year level). **
  • International Student/Non-Native English (native language )

NOTE: Foreign Language Majors

* fees involved in administering a language proficiency exam are the responsibility of the student.
** The student must clearly demonstrate how the target language was used and linguistic progress achieved during their cultural immersion in a brief portfolio presented to the OSU Department of World Languages and Cultures.

3. Experience Abroad

You must spend a minimum of 10 weeks in a country where your International Degree language is spoken, engaged in one of these activities: study abroad, international internship or independently arranged research project/directed study.

4. ID Core

You must successfully complete a minimum of four courses for the International Core selected from the Baccalaureate Core Curriculum (see General Catalog for yearly changes). These courses are in addition to the University's Baccalaureate Core requirements. The International Core course requirements must come from the following categories:

  • One course from the Western Culture category;
  • Two courses from the Cultural Diversity category;
  • One course from the either the Western Culture, Cultural Diversity, or Contemporary Global Issues categories

Note: you can not take all four of the additional Baccalaureate Core courses focusing on the same culture/language group.

NOTE: College of Forestry students

5. Thesis

You must prepare a rigorous and integrative senior thesis that demonstrates a fundamental and comprehensive understanding of global issues and of the international dimensions of your primary degree.  More information can be found in our thesis section.

The thesis is your final product - the capstone of all of your work toward the International Degree while at OSU.

This thesis places your academic discipline in an international context, often in a comparative fashion, and allows you to explore what interests you most about your subject and its place in the world.

As part of your thesis requirement, you must take additional credits including

  • INTL 407 Introduction to Thesis (1 credit, pass/no pass, offered in Fall and Winter terms only)
  • 3-6 credits of 403* in your major (i.e. PS 403 Thesis) - your thesis advisor is your instructor of record

You will have a thesis advisor from your primary major department (exceptions made on a case-by-case basis).  This advisor will be the instructor of record for your thesis credits, and guide your overall thesis-writing experience.

There are thesis guidelines to give you a general idea of structure, contents, length, as well as example pages.

Your thesis is considered complete once you have

  • conducted a public presentation of your results
  • obtained signatures from your thesis advisor and committee members (if applicable), department chair and head of the International Degree program
  • completed at least 3 credits of 403 in your major
  • turned in your thesis WIC log as well as the final, signed and bound, copy of your thesis to the International Degree office.

We recently began uploading digital theses to the Valley Library ScholarsArchive@OSU. Feel free to browse the collection!

*Biology students must enroll in 3-6 credits of 401 Research instead of 403 Thesis.

IRB/Human Subject Research - learn how to conduct interviews or surveys for your thesis
Joint Thesis Options - learn how you can combine your thesis requirements with other programs

Additional College & Department Requirements:

World Languages and Cultures - If you are majoring in French, German or Spanish, to earn the International Degree you must complete the second foreign language required of a language major through the fourth-year level. You must also spend two periods abroad; one in each of the countries where the two languages you are studying are spoken.  For the International Degree experience, it must be 10 weeks, but check with World Languages and Cultures for experience requirements for your major language.

For example, if you are a German major and have decided to take Russian as your second foreign language, you must complete the 400-level Russian course and study abroad in both Germany and Russia. Additionally, you may not complete major/minor requirements without taking upper-division courses in the OSU Foreign Languages Department even if you complete the hour requirements abroad. Please contact Danielle Batson in the Department of World Languages and Cultures for more information.

Forestry Majors - As part of the ID core, you must take FE/FOR 456, International Forestry (3 credits).  For students not based on the Corvallis campus (e.g. Ecampus, OSU-Cascades in Bend), you may enroll in GEO 300, Sustainability for the Common Good (3 credits), as an alternative.