Thanks very much for working with the International Degree students! Below are links to helpful information for Academic and Thesis Advisors, but you can always feel free to contact the staff in the International Degree office. We would be happy to hear from you!

General Information about the International Degree
Program Evaluation 2009
Annual Report 09-10

Program Requirements

Information on Thesis Requirements
We encourage thesis advisors to monitor progress by meeting with their students periodically, by reading rough drafts and providing written feedback on their progress.

Students must enroll in at least 3, but generally no more than 6 credits of 403 Thesis (or equivalent) in your academic department. Thesis advisors are the instructors of record for those credits.

When you are satisfied with the thesis, your student will provide you with a final copy of the thesis which contains a signature page. Your signature on this page is your indication that the thesis is approved and, if other requirements for the International Degree are met, will result in conferral of a B.A. in International Studies in their primary degree or major.

In addition to signing the thesis, your student will need to make a final oral presentation. These are usually held in students' home departments. This is not a final exam. We ask you to attend the final oral presentation and introduce your student. Students are responsible for scheduling the final oral presentation with you and for inviting members of your faculty.

IRB Compliance - Students planning to conduct interviews or surveys using human subjects, must have approval from the Institutional Review Board.
International Research Guidelines
Past thesis examples