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Actual Wage

"Wage rate paid by the employer to all other individuals with experience and qualification similar to those of the H-1B employee for the specific employment in question."

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Any person not a citizen or national of the US (as defined in INA)



B-1 visitor for business category.

Should be used only when there is no research collaboration with OSU

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B-2 visitor for pleasure, also known as the "tourist" visa

It is very important to realize that the B-2 visa category is not suitable for official visits to the university. OSU cannot pay visitors on a B-2 visa.

Visit the Department of State's B-2 webpage


Duration of Status

Some nonimmigrants are admitted to the US for a specific period of time, others are admitted for a "duration of status", which is tied to the date on the status document. 

Sample I-94 card


Status document for J-1 and J-2 (dependent of J-1) status

Use this document, along with the I-94 card and passport, to meet I-9 requirements.



Australian Citizens in a Specialty Occupation

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Grace Period

Some visa categories allow the nonimmigrant to remain in the US for a specified grace period after their program end date. They may not participate in studies or research activities or work.



Temporary Worker in a Specialty Occupation

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Status document for F-1 and F-2 (dependent of F-1) status

Use this document, along with the I-94 card and passport, to meet I-9 requirements.



Status document for H-1B and H-4 (dependent of H-1B) status

Use this document, along with the I-94 card and passport, to meet I-9 requirements. Note:  in some cases the I-797 includes an I-94 card.

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I-9 form

Employment Eligibility Verification form

I-9 establishes work authorization date. Work authorization ends when the 1st of the documents listed below expires (i.e. passport or status document)


Copy of Form I-94

Passport ID page

Status Document

To be mailed to OHR with New Hire paperwork

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I-94 Record

Arrival Record

This record is given to all non-US Citizens/Permanent Residents who enter the US. Until April 30th 2013, this was a small white card that was stapled into the passport upon arrival and removed upon departure from the US.  As of April 30th 2013, the I-94 record is automated and is available to print from the CBP website.

There is either an end date listed on the I-94 OR the letters D/S, which means Duration of Status corresponds to the date listed on either the DS-2019 (if in J-1 status) or the I-20 (if in F-1 status)

CBP will stamp admission category, date of entry, and duration of status in passports at the Port of Entry.

Travelers may print out a paper copy of their I-94 card by accessing their record online at www.cbp.gov/I94 .

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Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)

Law that governs immigration issues.



DOS Exchange Visitor Program

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Labor Certification (PR)

A step in the Permanent Residency application process, used only when position is full time, tenure track and includes teaching duties.



An individual who seeks to be admitted to the US for a limited period of time and with a purpose that is temporary in nature.


Nonimmigrant intent

US Consulate presumes that all applicants for visas intend to immigrate to the US, the applicant must prove otherwise (show ties to their home country) to be eligible for a nonimmigrant visa.


Non-resident alien

Another term for nonimmigrant



Workers of Extraordinary Ability

Contact the Office of International Services (OIS)

Permanent Resident

An alien who may lawfully reside in the US after having a petition for permanent residency approved.


Prevailing Wage

a salary that meets the average salary of similarly employed workers in the state of Oregon, determined by the DOL.

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Required Wage

H-1B employer must agree to pay an H-1B employee the required wage rate, the higher of the actual wage and the prevailing wage.

See H-1B Information Page

Security Clearance

Part of visa application process at US Consulate

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SEVIS is an Internet-based application that facilitates timely electronic reporting and monitoring of international students and exchange visitors (EVs) and their dependents in the United States.

SEVIS enables schools and program sponsors to transmit electronic information to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the

Department of State (DOS) throughout a student's or EV's program in the United States.

U.S. embassies and consulates also have access to SEVIS.



A nonimmigrant alien must be in a nonimmigrant status while the are in the US


Status Document
(aka Enabling Document)

Status document is issued by OSU or by USCIS (as petitioned by OSU). The status document allows potential scholars to apply for a visa at US Consulate, to apply for entry to US at port of entry and to verify their nonimmigrant status from within the US.


F-1 = I-20

J-1 = DS-2019

H-1B = I-797 Approval Notice

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Status expiration date

End date on status document and I-94 card.



TN Professionals under NAFTA

For citizens of Mexico and Canada only

See TN Nonimmigrant NAFTA Professional Visa

Two Year Home Residency requirement aka 212(e)

The two-year home country physical presence requirement is one of the most important requirements of exchange visitor status.  Some J-1 exchange visitors and their dependents are subject to the 212(e).

Learn more about the 212(e) here.

US Consulate

Consular Affairs is charged with interviewing and issuing visas to all persons applying for entry into the US. Governed by the Department of State.

US Consulates


A visa stamp issued by the US Consulate, allows the bearer to seek entry into the US in a particular nonimmigrant visa category (i.e. F-1 or J-1)

Should not be confused with "status" and cannot be used for work authorization.

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Waiver of 212(e)

J-1 Exchange Visitors may apply for a waiver, but should be aware of important restrictions to their programs that will result.



Visitors for business entering the US using the Visa Waiver Program

Visit the Department of State's VWP webpage


Visitors for pleasure entering the US using the Visa Waiver Program

Visit the Department of State's VWP webpage



Stands for


Department of Homeland Security


Department of Labor


Department of State


Office of International Services


United States Citizen & Immigration Services


Visa Waiver Program


Exchange Visitor