ISAS, ISFS and INTO OSU partnered to pilot a Peer Mentoring Program in Fall 2014 for First Year Experience (FYE) students as part of campus-wide initiatives to better support first year students.  Since the Undergraduate Pathway program is a First Year Experience (FYE) program, this mentoring program is currently open to incoming new undergraduates and Pathway students who are experiencing academic difficulties.  In its first term, there were 21 mentors (of these 10 were scholars) and 42 mentees (a combination of undergraduate Pathway and new undergraduate degree students). 

This Peer Mentoring Program was developed address a need voiced by a wide representation of international students at OSU, and offers students a chance to network and learn from their peers as they adjust to their studies at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. It also offers current international students and scholars an opportunity for leadership development and sharing their experiences.

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Additionally, Candy Pierson Charlton created a new scholarship for two mentees in this Peer Mentoring Program.  The award is $250 and will be offered to two mentees who are recommended by their mentors for this award during this 2015 year. Based on the success of this scholarship, more awards may be granted in the future.