Our Mentoring Team


Norah Abukhalid

Hi, I am Norah from Saudi Arabia and I am doing my graduate degree in biomedical sciences. During my spare time, I work out or read non-fiction books. I became a mentor because I like to help others and I am happy to share my experience :)

Abdul Alamro

My name is Abdulrahman Alamro, but I go by Abdul to make it easy on people. I come from a big city with more than 7 million people living in it, it’s called Riyadh, which located in Saudi Arabia. I am a Junior (Third year) in the College of Agricultural Sciences, majoring in Agricultural Sciences and Sustainability. I am also minoring in leadership. In my free time I often time would be farming if the weather is nice, but when it to warm I like to eat ice-cream and watch TV. In the meantime, I am the president of the International Agriculture Club, where we talk about the issues for Agriculture that are happening internationally. I want to be a mentor to provide a welcoming environment for the new students as they needed because I was in need of that environment when I first got here. I am very excited to be a part of the IPMP program as I will meet new people and learn from them. Also, I would be giving them the help they need, and I will always be there for them.

Abdullah Al Bohalika

My name is Abdullah, and I am from Saudi Arabia. I am studying art and photography here at OSU and I’m in my senior year. During my free time, I like to take a walk around Corvallis with couple of my friends. I also like to play video games, watch TV, or go to a movie with my friends. I always check on the events that are happening at OSU and try my best to attend some of them. I became a mentor because I know the feeling of being alone and lost when visiting a new place and I would gladly help the new comers to make feel more comfortable navigating around the campus or Corvallis in general and maybe lead them to events or activities where they have a great time and maybe make new friends. I am so excited to meet new people from around the globe and learn more about them and their culture.

Kate Dunovskaia

My name is Kate and I am from Yekaterinburg, Russia. I am an undergraduate student currently (Spring 2019) studying in a Pre-Graphic Design major, but I'm hoping to get into the program and in the sophomore year take a minor in the business and entrepreneurship. When I have free time, I like to hang out with my friends, watch TV shows, and do some exercising in Dixon. I became a mentor for because I know how it feels to be far away from home and don't know anything, so I want to help new students feel at least a little that they are not alone and there are always people that can help. The one thing I am most excited about is meeting and working with new people.

Yuning Gao

My name is Yuning, I’m from Northwest China. I’m a Psychology student with Computer Science and Marketing minor. I have a lot of hobbies, the first one is Kendo, Japanese fencing, I love to hiking and camping with hammock, shoot rifle and create some easy computer programs. There are many clubs offer training and activities and I’m part of them. Other than those clubs, I also guide meditation, run social media and website for several organizations and am a wellness agent. I want to be a mentor because I find a lot of resource here on campus is dedicating to make student’s lives better but students, especially international students are not aware or very hard to find out those resources, so I would love to help them by become a mentor. I hope we can have more mentors, because I know there are people also connected with many organizations and willing to help students but they are not aware we have a program for that.

Akash Gupta

Akash Gupta is from New Delhi, India. He is pursuing a PhD in Public Health and is currently in his second year. When he has time, Akash loves travelling on a whim, trying out new kinds of food, and playing tennis. Akash has studied, worked, and lived in multiple countries over the last 12 years and is quite familiar with the challenges faced by international students. He became a mentor to use his experiences towards helping other students who are stepping out of their cultural comfort zone and coming to Oregon State. Akash looks forward to meeting his mentees and making new connections.

Cat Hoang

Xin Chao! Cat Hoang is from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Cat is third year into her Microbiology program with minor in Chemistry and fermentation science. She likes napping, playing basketball, cooking, biking around Corvallis. She is also involved on campus with the Microbiology Student Association, OSU Epic Movement, and the International Cultural Service Program. Cat became a mentor because she wants to make new friends and share her wisdom from her diverse experience. She is super excited to get matched to new mentees as she will be able to learn about their culture and talk about things they have in common!

Nurul Ain Khalib 

My name is Nurul Ain Khalib. I am from Malaysia specifically from a state called Johor. I study Bioresource Research option in Plant Growth and Development. I am a senior level but I will graduate in Spring 2020. I love going to the gym and do weight training, video chatting with my family, reading books and random articles online, listening to music and writing personal journals and sometimes doing arts. I also enjoy hanging out and doing outdoor activities with friends if I have free time. I am currently working in a lab for a research project at the USDA research building on campus. I am also working at Raintree, a starbucks coffee shop at McNary dining center. I became a mentor because I love meeting new people and make connections with other international students. I enjoy helping the new students as it also kinda helps me to become a better person myself. I am excited to involve in future activities that IPMP program is going to be having!

Jenn Kuan 

Jenn Kuan is from Vancouver, Canada. She is a second year master's student in the College Student Services Administration program. Jenn likes getting outdoors and enjoying nature, trying out new recipes, playing video games, reading, and watching TV. She is excited to help new students navigate the United States and Oregon State University, and she is looking forward to connecting with other students from around the world.

Sarah Markham 

My name is Sarah Markham. I'm from Milwaukie, Oregon. I did two years of classes at Portland Community College before transferring to OSU to study Business Administration with an option in International Business. I will be a Senior next year. During my spare time I like playing video games, traveling, and watching TV. I'm going to be a Resident Assistant next year. I became a mentor because I wanted to meet new people and learn about other cultures. I'm excited to make new friends and learn more about the world.

Alima Matyeva 

My name is Alima, I am from the Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan), which is located in the Central Asia. Currently I am a second-year student in Applied Computer Science major. I usually spend my spare time by hanging out with my friends, reading, or watching TV shows. Sometimes I explore unfamiliar places and participate in different events for fun. I have become a mentor for the reason that I know how it is tough to be an international student and a freshman, therefore, I want to help such students like me by sharing with them my knowledge, experience, and hints I have received here, in OSU.

Rafiuddin Najam

Rafi is a Fulbright student from Afghanistan, and he studies Master of Public Policy.  He likes soccer, beach volleyball, running, and cooking. Rafi becomes a mentor to meet new people and learn about their culture.


Gaetan Nzowo 

Gaetan is a native from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He speaks three languages: French, Lingala and English and enjoy playing soccer and going to the gym in his spare time. In 2016 he worked as the coordinator of Accessibility Affairs for the Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU). During the same year he joined the International Cultural Service Program and has been part of the organization ever since. He is also an active member of the African Students Association (ASA). For this academic year, he will be the Diversity Learning Assistant for the University Housing and Dining Services. Throughout his journey at OSU, he came to understand the vital role of mentors and the support they can provide. It was through their leadership, knowledge and enthusiasm that doors for limitless opportunities opened to him. He decided to become a mentor because he wants to help students find their own voice or passion. He wants to help students reach academic success and personal growth. 

Bianca Reinalda 

Bianca is from Corvallis, OR, and is studying kinesiology for her undergraduate degree, with minors in trombone performance and Spanish. She is also a native of the Netherlands. When not playing her trombone or involved with school, Bianca loves all types of social dance, ballroom, and swing, biking, volunteering, and going to campus events. She wanted to become a mentor to connect with other international students and is excited to share the love at OSU.

Bain Zhang 

Bain Zhang is undergraduate student from Baoding, China. He is currently a junior majoring in Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife conservation option. Bain loves playing dodgeball when life is not busy. He also loves reading a variety of fiction except for drama; enjoy listening to music from Youtube and watching Marvel movies. Bain has been in Oregon state dodgeball club for two years, and in the college of forestry club for one year. He used to work in Arnold Dining center for nine months before moving off campus. Bain became a mentor for two reasons: for the individual dimension, I want to enrich myself, and I want to move into the new chapter of my life, not always stuck on the same page. For the community dimension, I want to be part of the community, share, and learn from each other. He is most excited about the opportunities for new friends, new experiences, a new relationship.

OIS Program Assistant
Safia Oulmane

Safia is an international student from a beautiful city called Créteil, a suburb of Paris, France. People often get confused with “all her countries” when she explains that she was born and raised in France by an Algerian father and a Moroccan mother. To make it simple, she likes to describe herself as a citizen of the world with a French accent. She transferred to OSU from Portland Community College to pursue a B.A. in a major she is passionate about: Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. With the heartbreaking events that happened in her beloved home country and the ones that keep happening all over the world, Safia takes her role as the OIS Program Assistant to heart and is looking forward to promoting values of peace and respect. Besides English, Safia is fluent in French, Moroccan Arabic and Emoji. That’s right, there is no way she can write any type of correspondence without spreading love and happiness through a smiling face emoji :)

International Peer Mentoring Program Coordinator
Caitlin McVay


"I've experienced the excitement of learning to live in a new place. I believe strongly in providing resources and programs to help support international students in cultural adjustment and identity development during their time at OSU. I believe the International Peer Mentoring Program does just that, and I enjoy being able to watch students grow and learn from one another."