Host Institution: 

Technical University of Denmark


Lyngby, Denmark

Lying a few hours flight from the capitals of Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, Germany and the Baltic States, DTU lies at the heart of Scandinavia and Northern Europe and is just minutes from Denmark’s flourishing capital city, Copenhagen.  The region boasts a thriving design and engineering culture, of which DTU plays an integral part. With its rich history full of historical buildings and ancient streets, its outstanding museums and galleries, the uniquely enchanting Tivoli Gardens and a resident monarchy that is the oldest in the world, the Danish capital has a host of attractions to suit all tastes. Copenhagen is a vibrant, modern city whose fascinating past coexists with the very latest trends in architecture, design and fashion. 

DTU has a unique role as a specialized, modern, leading-edge technical university which attracts more than 700 international students every year; DTU offers over 400 English-taught courses within a wide range of engineering subjects, and offers a high teacher-student ratio of 1:9.

DTU graduates are renowned for their technical skills and creativity which reflect the university’s key goals:

  • Excellence in research 
  • Research-based education
  • Commitment to innovation and industry partnerships

Minimum 3.0 GPA
Exchange experiences for Oregon State University students are limited to those enrolled in professional school within their respective engineering major.

Program Details: 

Majority of the courses offered in English are within the Master’s Program at DTU and are equivalent too many of the 300/400 level engineering courses at OSU.  Courses are also offered in English at the Diplomingenior level.  These can be similar to both lower and upper division undergraduate courses at OSU, but are offered at a separate DTU campus (accessible by bus) approximately 15km SW of the Lyngby campus.

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The DTU course base can be found here and the DTU application can be found here.

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The academic calandar can be found here, and information on academic planning at OSU is found here.

Academic Emphasis: 
Chemical Eng.
Civil Eng.
Computer Sci.
Con. Eng. Mgt
Ecological Eng
Elec. & Comp. Eng.
Environ. Eng.
Manufacturing Eng.
Mechanical Eng.
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College/Departmental Program (OSU)
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