“Hosting for OSU Crossroads has been part of our routine since 1985 after Art’s Fulbright year in Denmark with our family. It means a lot to be in a home and not be “a visiting tourist.”  We took this photo last March at Waldport when we treated our 5 German students to a break before finals.  After last winter’s snows, they celebrated some fun in the sun doing the OSU cheer to share with their family and friends.  Currently we are both conversation partners with two OSU scholars. Try it. You’ll like it.” - Art and Marilyn Bervin.


Sumar Jono, a student from Indonesia, came to OSU in 1995 for a Master Degree in Actuarial Statistics. He participated in the Crossroads 3- day Home Stay program when he first arrived in Corvallis. His Home Stay hosts were Rita and Ted Powell and their daughters Brittany and Summer. Jono’s wife, Fia, is an aeronautical engineer. Vallisa and Sekar are their daughter. Vallisa was named for Corvallis because she was born two months after Jono came to OSU.


Urmila’s homestay student from France, Selene and her friend Paco, spent the Thanksgiving 2014 with the Gore family.


Nancy and Ray William's stories:

  • WHAT: waiting for a 3-day homestay student

     WHO:  Allen Throop and Nancy William

     WHEN:  September 1982

     WHERE:  Nendel’s on 9th Street, Corvallis

    Two women from Scotland were expected on the PDX shuttle at 8 PM, and we sat eagerly awaiting them.  At long last, we asked the desk clerk to call us if they arrived, and we left the lobby at 11 PM.  We, two Home Stay hosts, would wait no longer!  About half an hour later, I received a call from the driver who explained that they had been delayed.  He had attempted to find our residence, and when he couldn’t, he left the students outside Kerr Administration Building.  It was probably the worst arrival experience ever for the students and for us, and neither of us would wait for a student at the motel again.

  • WHAT:  international dinner

     WHO:  2 former homestay students

     WHEN: September 2004

     WHERE:  our home in Corvallis

     We had two Home Stay students from Vietnam. One, a pharmacy student from Hanoi, in 2002, and then came another, a pharmacy student from Ho Chi Minh City, in 2004.  Separately, they were remarkable, but on the evening when we sat around our dining room table together, they were extraordinary.  I clearly recall one saying, “Once we were told that you were enemies, but now we are all together pursuing a common purpose.”  For us who grew up during the Vietnam War, it was an evening that we could not have anticipated.  What a privilege!

  • WHAT:  picnic

     WHO:  host families and students

     WHEN:  September 2004

     WHERE:  Avery Park, Corvallis

     As we were waiting in line for a hamburger off the grill, a woman with a German Shepherd walked through our crowd.  Spontaneously, I asked the French student behind me, “Do you eat dogs?”  He scoffed, “No, only the Chinese do that!  Do you?”  I replied, “No, we don’t.”  I thought that the conversation had ended.  But a few minutes later, he walked over to me at the table and said seriously, “You’re wrong.”  He continued with great aplomb, “You Americans do eat dogs.  They’re called hot dogs!”

  • WHAT:  finding the perfect tree

     WHO:  3-day home stay student from Ethiopia

     WHEN:  December 2011

     WHERE:  Sunrise Christmas Tree Farm, Kings Valley

    A student from Ethiopia was excited to go with us to find our Christmas tree, but he had no boots.  Ray loaned him a pair, and everything went very well until he wanted to remove them.  They were a size too small.  We had never heard him giggle, and his laugh was contagious.  When Ray and I visited him in Ethiopia in 2013, he recalled the incident and we laughed once again!