There are two main types of agreements at Oregon State:

  • Letters of Collaboration (previously referred to as Memoranda of Understanding or MOU) are general an non-binding

A written statement of understanding between Oregon State University and an international partner institution that expresses mutual interest in engaging in cooperative academic or research effort but that does not involve a commitment of University Resources*.

  • Program Agreements outline a specific activity and are binding

A written agreement between Oregon State University and an international partner institution that entails a commitment of one or more University Resources* for academic and research purposes and that has been approved by designated signatories.

    The most common Program Agreements are found under the heading of

    • Education Abroad Agreements (include student exchange, faculty-led and external provider programs)

    OSU Faculty and staff, with the approval of their College or Division, must work with the Division of International Programs (IP) and Contract Services to establish new international agreements or renew existing agreements. 

    In the case of Education Abroad Program agreements (including Student Exchange, Faculty-led and Affiliate Program Agreements), International Degree and Education Abroad (IDEA) located within International Programs serves as the primary contact for program proposal, agreement guidance, and student preparation processes.  

    Once an international agreement is approved and signed by both parties, the administration of the agreement and terms outlined are the responsibility of the college/unit named in the agreement. 

    The timeline for initiating a new international agreement can vary, but in general, for agreements that require substantial drafting or review, please allow 2-3 months for Contact Services and even longer for Education Abroad program agreements.  For renewal of existing agreements, please allow 3-4 weeks.

    The following chapters provide a more detailed description of the processes, sample templates, and an online application form to initiate a new international agreement. 

    *University Resources are labor, materials or assets, both monetary and non-monetary, under the control and management of the University including University funds, facilities, office space, research materials, tools, databases, equipment, or the time or effort of University personnel. University assets include the University’s names or marks, and all University intellectual property, including copyrighted materials and resources.

    Note: The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) has central responsiblity for proposal submission for sponsored research, scholarship and other activities at OSU, and contractual compliance as it relates to sponsored activities.