A Letter of Collaboration (LoC) is an introductory, general and non-binding agreement meant to initiate relations with a partner institution. It is essentially a "handshake" agreement to take steps in the future towards a more concrete program.  An LoC does not describe detailed collaboration commitments but merely lists areas of potential future collaboration.

As a result of its non-binding nature, no financial obligations should be included in a Letter of Collaboration. For step-by-step instructions, please follow these guidelines below.

A general Letter of Collaboration may be initiated by the partner institution or by OSU. Please note that any deviations to the LoC template may require the agreement to be sent to Contract Services for review. This will result in a longer processing timeline.

For assistance with your LoC, please contact Debbie Parkins in International Programs at Deborah.Parkins@oregonstate.edu or (541) 737-1503.  

Steps for Completing a Letter of Collaboration

To complete a Letter of Collaboration, please follow these steps:

  1. The interested party downloads the Letter of Collaboration Request Form, completes and submits it to International Programs Agreement Coordinator Deborah Parkins at Deborah.Parkins@oregonstate.edu. (You must download the form PRIOR to filling in fields. Field items filled out in your browser will not download.)
  2. This sample template of the LoC is provided for your review. Highlighted information is necessary to complete the LoC.
    Note: provided the Oregon State University (OSU) template is used and does not deviate from the original, it will be processed through IP and does not need to be sent to OSU Contract Services for review.
  3. Both institutions review the terms of the LoC and decide whether it meets their purpose.
  4. Each institution provides the names of the institution coordinators, the address of the institution, and the names and title of the signers. The IP Agreement Coordinator will add this information to the LoC.
  5. The IP Agreement Coordinator prepares a draft LoC and sends it to both parties for approval. The IP Agreement Coordinator makes any requested revisions and finalizes the LoC.
  6. The IP Agreement Coordinator prints two letters, (one for each university) and facilitates signatures from both institutions. Signers of the LoC usually include the Department Head or Dean of each college, and will generally include an upper level university administrator. The International Programs’ Vice Provost will sign after the OSU Dean.
  7. After the agreement is completely signed, each institution/college retains a copy. The IP Agreement Coordinator stores a copy of the agreement and adds a summary of the agreement to the International Programs' website.