Magazines and Online Publications

  • Glimpse Magazine looks for correspondents. Glimpse Magazine's focus is to provide readers with in-depth insights into the daily cultural, political and social realities of life abroad. Approximately one quarter of Glimpse articles are republished in major newspapers and magazines.

    You do not have to consider yourself a "writer" to contribute to Glimpse Magazine. The Glimpse editorial staff provides a personal, intensive revision process to every contributor, teaching those with all levels of writing experience the basic tenets of compelling creative nonfiction. While not all submissions are ultimately accepted, all contributors are given a chance to work collaboratively with an editorial staff member to revise or refocus their submissions.

    Glimpse Online continually considers submissions on virtually every theme. Glimpse Quarterly solicits articles on a quarterly basis to meet the specific needs of each issue. Glimpse also offers writing and photo essay contests, each of which focus on a particular dimension of the abroad experience. They have recently added a section called Faux Pas! to Glimpse Quarterly, which consists of anecdotes about specific (and often embarrassing) instances of cultural miscommunication.

  • Transitions Abroad is a magazine for travelers, especially for those seeking to extend their time abroad through work, study and/or finding the best bargains. Its purpose is to provide readers with the practical information and ideas they need to make their own plans. Readers are most interested in learning about the culture by meeting the people and about value for money.

    The magazine's four major departments-Travel, Work, Study, and Living-are all devoted to immediately usable practical information and ideas (the "nuts and bolts"). Contributors write from personal knowledge, usually from first-hand experience, and stress ways to avoid the cultural isolation of a tourist. The more useable information presented in a concise manner, the greater the likelihood of publication.

    They look for writing contributions in the following categories: Independent Traveler, the Learning Traveler, Solo Woman Traveler, the Gay or Lesbian Traveler, the Working Traveler, Living Abroad (experience and practical information on assimilating into the local culture and getting to know the people), Abroad at Home (submissions should provide insights on the creative arts of another culture that may be embraced in our day-to-day life while not physically abroad), Education Abroad (practical information and advice for readers planning a study abroad experience). Transitions Abroad also holds writing contests. They also accept photo submissions online.

  • Travel Resource Web site seeks to inspire females to travel safely and well and to connect women travelers worldwide. They publish female-centered travel experience articles. Each published article becomes eligible for their Annual Journeywoman Travel Writing Competition. On Dec. 31, the two best articles are chosen and each of the top two writers wins a $100 prize.

  • Travelmag is an online travel publication based in the UK. They look for tales of travel well beyond the guidebook routes, illuminating little-known corners of the globe and, occasionally, revealing a bit about themselves as well. They put up the features they find interesting, usually because they're good, but sometimes because they're outstandingly bad. Sometimes their writers are experienced journalists, others are starting out travel writing, learning the craft and looking for markets for their travel stories. Submission guideline.
  • National Geographic is a national organization that holds annual photo contests. They also have several publications, including the National Geographic Traveler which accepts both article and photo submissions.