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The Office of Global Opportunities (OSU GO) is committed not only to increasing the diversity of OSU students benefiting from an international experience, but also to expanding program offerings to include underrepresented locations.

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The Project for Learning Abroad, Training and Outreach (PLATO) is an integrated study abroad training, certification, and diversity outreach program. They have developed a detailed website of resources for students.






Articles on Diversity in Study Abroad

Brown University
"Diversity Issues in Study Abroad "
The Diversity Issues in Study Abroad booklet is a collection of quotes by Brown University students about their experiences abroad. The quotes were gathered through a survey of study abroad students returning from either spring semester/full year 1999-2000 or fall semester 2000-2001 abroad. The survey directly addressed issues of diversity in study abroad including ethnicity, heritage, sexual orientation, religion, minority/majority issues, physical appearance, and language.

Joy Gleason Carew
"For Minority Students Abroad: Study Abroad Can be Inspiring and Liberating"
Article that appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 6, 1993 .

Paul Desruisseaux
"Abroad, Minority Students' Challenges Transcend Academics"
Article that appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education, November 25, 1992.

Stephanie Griffith
"Encounters of Another Color: For some, travel abroad is a route lined with whispers, stares and curiosity"
Article that appeared in the New York Times.

Dianne Williams Hayes
"Over There: Exchange Programs and Colleges Seek to Send More Minority Students Abroad"
This is an article from the NAFSA SECUSSA Committee on Underrepresentation in Education Abroad.

Indiana University
"Minority Students and Study Abroad: Articles and Resources"
Indiana University provides a page full of links to online articles, print and film resources for minority students interested in study abroad.

Marilyn Jackson
Breaking the Barriers to Overseas Study for Students of Color and Minorities"
This article is actually summary notes of a presentation given by Ms. Jackson, San Francisco State University to CCCU Off-campus Study Coordinators (OCSC) Conference, June 2004.

Carol Patterson
"Ways to Include Underrepresented Communities in Exchange Programs"
This article discusses strategies for inclusion, supporting organizations, links to organizations that offer programs under the DeWitt Wallace Youth Travel Enrichment Fund.

University of Michigan
"Work Abroad: Americans of Color Abroad"

Flyer: Multicultural Students Study Abroad from University of Minnesota