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Castilla and Leon

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  • Sophomore standing
  • GPA minimum of 2.75 of permission of instructor
  • Short essays (2)
  • Unofficial Transcripts

Spanish Language Skills are helpful but not required

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Forest Resources Management in Spain: Cultural, Political and Biophysical Context

Program dates: September 5-16, 2016 (updated as of 3/24/16)

Spain is characterized by a unique combination of Mediterranean and maritime forest types that are vulnerable to wide annual climatic fluctuations and potential future climatic shifts.  Forests worldwide have been managed for a diversity of ecosystem services that are dictated by local society's needs; superimposed on those needs are a cultural, historical, political and biophysical context.

An international perspective on forest management strategies provides keener insight into alternative way of managing for specific resources, and ways to balance the demands for a complex array of ecosystem services. This 10-day, 6-credit program is led by faculty from OSU and University of Valladolid in Palencia, Spain.  On daily field trips, we will explore diverse Spanish forest ecosystem types, the resources and objectives for which they are managed, and global pressures that affect management decisions. 

Students will interact with local families through homestays, and With University of Valladolid students.  You will have free time to explore Palencia and the surrounding area.

For further information, please contact Michele Justice in the College of Forestry.

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Forest Eng.
Natural Resources
Rec. Resource Mgt
Renewable Mat.
Tourism & Outdoor Lead