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Catania is a vibrant and historic town on the eastern side of Sicily, at the foot of the famous Mount Etna, one of Europe’s most active volcanoes. A hub of Sicilian culinary arts and agriculture, Catania has famous outdoor markets and a world-renowned open air fish market. Black sand beaches border the town, and there are lots of cultural, sport and leisure activities to keep you busy in your free time.


2.75 minimum GPA
Sophomore standing by the time of the program start date

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Catania, Sicily, is the REAL Italy. Removed from the tourist crowds, and at the heart of one of Italy’s most traditional regions, Catania offers you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and language of this amazing Mediterranean island. Ancient temples, bustling marketplaces, ornate churches, winding mazes of streets, and above all, friendly people will provide an amazing environment for a summer of learning and exploring. Sicily has been the crossroads between Europe and Africa since ancient times, and so this course will also involve a five-day trip to Tunisia, less than 100 miles away by sea. Here students will be introduced to modern North African culture, and encounter first-hand a culture distinct from Europe, but connected in many ways. This time in Tunisia will help to bring home the historic close connection between Italy and North Africa through visits to the ancient city of Carthage, and time spent in mosques, medinas (markets) and meeting with Tunisian students.

The Sicily summer program offers a unique opportunity to begin or continue your Italian language study, while learning about the ancient and modern cultures of Italy. Language learning is paired with two thematic classes, which immerse students in the heritage of Sicily, and the life of its people in the modern era. These classes have been specially developed to maximize exposure to all that Sicily has to offer, and to help students understand this rich and complex culture.

Additional program details can be found on the IE3 Global Sicily, Italy program website

Summer: February 15

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Speech Comm.