Brief Overview of the Financial Aid Process

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Still have questions? Please have your student contact the OSU Financial Aid Office or OSU GO directly.

Our website includes a lot of helpful information regarding the financial side of studying or interning abroad. Here is a brief overview of the process:

(1) Student files FAFSA.

Encourage your student to apply for scholarships through OSU GO as well as through OSU (and their specific college at OSU), their major and minor programs of study, and the specific study abroad program providers.

(2) Student’s overall cost of attendance is updated to reflect the total study abroad program cost (i.e. compared with regular OSU cost of attendance).

(3) OSU's Financial Aid office will re-evaluate the student’s package, based on that updated cost.

(4) Student will be notified by OSU Financial Aid office by e-mail that their aid package has been adjusted.

Wondering how your student’s financial aid at OSU will be transferred to their study abroad experience? As long as the study abroad program is on OSU GO’s approved programs list, your student will receive all of the financial aid they normally do as a student at OSU.

(5) Student will need to log into OSU online services and review their award letter.

(6) Student must either accept (fully or partially) or decline various options in order to access the extra funding.

Study Abroad Cost & Payment

Study abroad cost and payment