Education Abroad Folder

Education Abroad Folder

The Education Abroad Folder could include copies of the documents below:

ˆ       Passport

ˆ       Visa

ˆ       Acceptance letter

ˆ       Credit and debit cards (front and back)

ˆ       Health insurance information and card

ˆ       Travel itinerary

ˆ       Lodging information

ˆ       International student identity card information

ˆ       Financial Aid information

ˆ       Any information required to complete taxes in April (if student is abroad in the spring)

ˆ       A list of phrases/pronunciations in the appropriate language that could be used to call overseas

ˆ       Copies of prescriptions for any conditions the student might have

ˆ       Appropriate telephone numbers of the following:

  • Academic advisor
  • Education abroad advisor
  • Point person abroad
  • Travel agent
  • Financial Aid office