Education Abroad FolderThe Education Abroad Folder could include copies of the documents below:ˆ       Passportˆ       Visaˆ       Acceptance letterˆ       Credit and debit cards (front and back)ˆ       Health insurance information and cardˆ       Travel itineraryˆ       Lodging informationˆ       International student identity card informationˆ       Financial Aid informationˆ       Any information required to complete taxes in April (if student is abroad in the spring)ˆ       A list of phrases/pronunciations in the appropriate language that could be used to call overseasˆ       Copies of prescriptions for any conditions the student might haveˆ       Appropriate telephone numbers of the following:

  • Academic advisor
  • Education abroad advisor
  • Point person abroad
  • Travel agent
  • Financial Aid office