OSU Online Study Abroad Application: 

All OSU students are required to complete the OSU Online Study Abroad Application. By completing this online application, a non-refundable, $50 application fee will be charged to your OSU student account within one term of application submission.


Application Fee: 

All study abroad and internship applicants are required to pay an application fee. See the Application Fee page for details.


Print out a copy of OSU unofficial transcript from Online Studence Services, and submit it to the Program Coordinator along with other application materials.

Program Provider Application: 

Sally Procious Malueg scholarship is available from the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department.


A passport valid for six months beyond your program is required. Apply for a passport immediately if you have not done so already. Visit travel.state.gov for an application.

Required Essays: 

Complete the following essays and submit them by the application deadline.

1. Please write a brief autobiographical sketch that includes your personal history, family background, work experience, travel experience and other factors which have influenced your personal development. (approximately 1-2 pages)

2. Please state how your participation in this international program will contribute to your educational, career and personal goals. How will you contribute to the experience of others? (approximately ½-1 page)

3. All participants have personal strengths and weaknesses. Please give yours and describe how they are relevant to your participation in this international program. (approximately ½ page)

Essays should be turned in to Costa Rica Program, Foreign Languages and Literatures, 210 Kidder Hall, Corvallis OR 97331. Essays should be well-researched and deploy proper usage and grammar. For assistance in crafting effective essays, visit the Center for Writing and Learning.

Letters of Reference: 

See the References page for details.

Two references are required of each study abroad applicant be the program deadline.
At least one of these should be from an OSU instructor or academic advisor. The other reference may be from an employer, living group advisor, or counselor. Peer or family recommendations will not be accepted. Please provide the people writing your recommendations with a reference Form and a stamped envelope addressed to the administrator of your program.

Costa Rica Study Abroad Program
Foreign Languages and Literatures
210 Kidder Hall, Corvallis OR 97331
Phone: 541-737-2146

You will be contacted in March for a 45 minute interview with the program directors.  Off-site will be interviewed by phone.
Health Disclosure: 

Post acceptance into the program: all students are required to return this form. See the Health Disclosure Form page for details.

Academic Planning Form: 

Post acceptance into the program: see the Academic Planning Form page for details.

All students need to read the FLL/IP Study abroad policy

Attend General Orientation: 

In order to register for the overseas experience, all study abroad students must also complete the International Degree and Education Abroad office's online orientation. View orientation dates and registration.


Your program enrolls you in insurance for the duration of your participation. Review the insurance policy and carry additional claim forms and your insurance card with you abroad.

Travel Clinic: 

All students are encouraged to visit their primary care provider before going abroad. Information about immunizations and travel health can be obtained from the Travel Medicine Clinic at Student Health Services.

Financial Aid: 

File FAFSA and apply for financial aid for the term(s) of your program. IDEA will submit a financial aid budget with your estimated cost of attendance to the Office of Financial Aid the term prior to your departure so that your aid award may be adjusted.

Budget Worksheet: 

<u>All study abroad students will need to register for general Overseas Studies credits</u> using the OSU online registration system and a PIN from their academic advisor. IDEA will send students an e-mail from abroad.registration@oregonstate.edu with the instructions and CRN, and students are responsible for registering for these credits for the term(s) they are abroad. You will not receive financial aid for the program unless you are registered. To be registered, your account must be free of any hold, and your OSU bill balance must be below $2,200.

Grades and Credits: 

This program earns resident credit at OSU. Each course you take must be assessed for how the credit will be applied to your degree program. Save all coursework and syllabi while you are abroad and work with your study abroad advisor to establish your course equivalencies when you return.


Select File > Print in your browser to print this checklist.

Attend Site-Specific Orientation: 

All students are required to attend a one credit, Spring term general pre-departure orientation offered through Foreign Languages and Literatures. For other important details visit Foreign Languages and Literatures, or contact the program coordinator.

Students will also participate in an arrival orientation once they are on site in Costa Rica.