Rodrigo da Silva Marques is a current international Ph.D. student at Oregon State University in the Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences at the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center located in Burns, Oregon. He has been working under Dr. Reinaldo Cooke’s supervision since April 2013. However, Rodrigo’s experience at OSU began back in 2011, when he came as an international visiting scholar to conduct research with Dr. Cooke for 12 months.

In September of 2011, Rodrigo arrived in Oregon following the completion of his M.Sc. degree in Animal Sciences from the Universidade de Sao Paulo – ESALQ (Brazil). During his 12-month internship, Rodrigo helped supervise several research studies which focused on beef cattle production; he participated in field work, laboratory analysis, data interpretation, and publishing research results. Upon the conclusion of his internship, Rodrigo authored and co-authored several journal articles and research abstracts which contributed significantly to his professional and scientific development.

Rodrigo da Silva Marques with cattleAfter returning to Brazil, Rodrigo was awarded a full scholarship from the Brazilian government to return to Oregon State University and pursue a Ph.D. degree. This accomplishment was directly associated with the research experiences that Rodrigo acquired during his initial internship which enriched his resume as well as his academic skills. Rodrigo’s return to OSU as a Ph.D. student fully funded by the Brazilian government is a strong example of one of the many benefits that the Exchange Visitor program brings to OSU students, scholars, faculty members, and departments; thus the entire university system.

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