Study Abroad

Directed Study

You may find that your needs are best met by individualized directed study. This can take the form of specific individualized study overseas or, more often, a research project. Directed study can be undertaken for 3 – 9 credits and in some cases with permission 12 credits. Please remember that you must take at least 6 credits per term to be considered for any financial aid.

Working with academic faculty is at the core of your academic planning. As soon as you have identified a potential topic, you should identify a faculty advisor willing to provide guidance to your project. This adviser is involved in the project from the beginning (including helping you refine your topic and methodology and locate relevant literature) to the end (including final grading of the project). Your chances of finding a willing faculty member is enhanced if you have put considerable thought into your project and have done relevant coursework in the faculty member's discipline. Click here for more information.