Current OSU Students:

Trying to figure out how an education abroad experience will fit into your degree plan here at OSU? Use these resources and steps to begin your journey.

  • View the online First Step presentation to learn the basics of education abroad programs.
  • Download and complete the OSU GO Pre-advising Form
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss how education abroad will fit into your academic curriculum at OSU. You may need to meet with additional advisors if you have multiple majors and/or minors.
  • Contact an OSU GO Ambassador to set up a Next Steps peer-advising session. You may set up a meeting by sending an e-mail to with your name, countries/programs of interest, and availability. You may also call (541) 737-3662 to schedule an appointment.
  • All Next Steps peer-advising sessions will be held in the OSU GO office in University Plaza, Suite 290 (SW corner of 15th and Western) or the International Resource Center (IRC) in the NEW Student Experience Center (SEC). Be sure to bring your completed OSU GO Pre-Advising form to your appointment.
  • International Resource Center (IRC) in the NEW Student Experience Center (SEC) open office hours:
    Summer term 2015: Wednesdays and Thursdays 10am-12pm
  • After your peer-advising session, an OSU GO Ambassador can schedule you an appointment with an Education Abroad Advisor and/or the Head Advisor for the International Degree (ID).
  • Make sure you’ve filed FAFSA and that you’re researching scholarships and financial aid options for your time abroad.

Resources for education abroad students:

Future OSU Students:

If you are considering attending OSU, the education abroad offerings are a definite plus. OSU study abroad, IE3 Global Internships, and the International Degree stand out:

  • All approved study abroad programs earn resident credit...not transfer credit.  This means your courses abroad get applied to your degree plan as they would if you took them on campus.
  • IE3 Global Internships are a fantastic way to stand out when applying for a job.  You'll also earn credit toward your degree, so if you are considering a major that requires an internship, you can take care of it abroad.
  • Education abroad options fit into your fact, the department you will join at OSU already has some suggestions about when to go and which programs will offer credit in your major.
  • Since you're a resident student at OSU when you go abroad, you take your OSU financial aid and scholarships with you and are eligible to apply for more.
  • The International Degree is the oldest of its kind in the country.  You'll earn a concurrent second bachelors' degree in the International Studies of your primary major while gaining competence in research, language, and intercultural skills.

All future OSU students should visit with a representative from OSU GO at admissions events, or request an appointment when you visit campus. To get involved, contact Admissions.

Non-OSU Students:

Students from other colleges are welcome to apply to select programs administered by OSU and the Oregon University System Oregon Abroad programs by enrolling as non-degree seeking students for the term(s) of the OSU study abroad program.  Non-degree students are responsible for working with their home campus study abroad office and the financial aid office at their home institution. 

Before making an application, the student should contact OSU GO to learn if the program they are interested in is accepting non-OSU students.

OSU GO is unable to accept applications from non-OSU students who wish to attend programs through AHA, AIU, API, CIEE, IFSA-Butler, SFS, and SIT.