For students on an OSU-approved study abroad program (including co-sponsored and petition approved), all courses successfully completed at host institutions for academic credit can be transferred back to OSU. All credits are considered as OSU resident credits, and all of the grades will appear on OSU official transcript. Courses will be evaluated by the corresponding department chairs (e.g., an anthropology course taken at the University of Nottingham will need to be approved by the anthropology chair at OSU).

You will need to provide your OSU study abroad contact with copies of your course syllabi for all of the courses you take abroad. Without these documents, OSU cannot determine the official course equivalency for courses you have taken abroad. It is essential to provide these documents or your credits will not transfer back to OSU. You can e-mail, mail, or fax these documents back to OSU while you are abroad. If this is not possible, you can hand deliver them to your adviser immediately upon returning to OSU. It is also advisable to keep copies of all exams, papers, quizzes, presentations, and lecture notes from all of your courses. Once your adviser at OSU has these documents, he or she will work with the various departmental chairs to determine course equivalencies.

If you do not receive a syllabus in your classes, use the syllabus template below to create one on your own. This will allow your study abroad advisor to process your course equivalencies quicker and smoothly.

For some programs, the course equivalencies have been pre-approved. In rare cases, syllabi and other course documents are not needed. Check with your study abroad adviser if you need to provide these documents.


Before departing your host country, make sure you have asked that your official transcripts to be sent to your OSU study abroad contact. If OSU does not receive an official transcript, your credits will not be transferred. If you do not have the address of your OSU contact, have your transcript send to the OSU GO office.

Once your transcript is received at OSU, it may take 1-2 terms after your study abroad term for the overseas courses to appear on your OSU transcript. This process takes a long time as it involves many different academic units on campus. If you are graduating immediately after studying abroad, your graduation will be delayed until your study abroad credits appear on your OSU transcript.

If you plan to attend graduate school at anytime, be sure to order plenty of extra official transcripts from your host institution. Do not open them when you receive them or they are not considered official. It is very difficult to obtain additional copies of your transcript once you return to the U.S.